Older Paper Mache Projects

My original “Paper Mache Blog” was with a different company.   I didn’t want to re-post everything I had on that blog.   So I decided to add them as pages here.   To see them, click on the pull down menu or any of these photos.   Each of these pages are kind of long.  They include all of the posts for each of these projects.    I just thought it would be simpler not to have multiple pages within each page.

Paper Mache Bulldog


Paper Mache Sea Dragon-Dan Reeder

This is one of my favorite dragons.

Deluxe Cat Enclosure

My “helpers” get a new deluxe cat enclosure

Paper Mache "Green Man"

“Green Man Mask”

Rum and Paper Mache Dragon

Dragon bearing gifts!

Paper Mache Dark Butterfly

Dark Butterfly

Paper Mache Maleficent


Paper Mache dragon babies

Paper Mache Game of Thrones dragon babies

Paper Mache Buddha with coffee

Buddha with Jo

Paper Mache Son of Maleficent

Son of Maleficent

Paper Mache Dragon Snake

Naga-Dragon Queen of Snakes

Year of the Paper Mache Dragon

Year of the Paper Mache Dragon

Paper Mache "Party Animals"

Party Animals

Paper Mache "Double Dragon"

Double Dragon

32 Responses to Older Paper Mache Projects

  1. carlosmorn says:

    Excelentes trabajos gran amigo Dan Reeder siga así

  2. Jorge Robério says:

    Muito com seu trabalho muito bom mesmo.
    Queri pedir uma ajuda pois não sei o nome do pano que o Senhor utiliza para fazer suas obras, então se possível poderia me falar.

  3. Ana Caroline Alves says:

    Muito interessante , eu amei … quero muito aprender … será que teria como me ajudar a construir um também?

  4. Sam haq says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D90r9LY10SE Can you do step by step how to do this dragon please. I’m stuck how to make the neck that is shaped as a L its takes for every to do.

  5. Sam haq says:

    You are amazing in making dragons. I WISH YOU WERE MY TEACHER FOR ART/PAPER MACHE .

    • Thank you Sam. I can be your teacher if you just look at this blog and my books and videos. Then it is just about practice. You have to work. Not surprisingly the more you make the better you get.

  6. Sam haq says:

    Hi i just wanted to ask what were those things on the dragon. The link I sent you as.

  7. Sam haq says:

    and where do you get the teeth from

  8. Sam haq says:

    How to make the paste
    for the paper mache.

  9. Sam haq says:

    Hi I just wanted to know whether I can use toothpicks for the pointy things around the body and you no how you put those triangles on the equinox dragon can I use paper instead?

    P.S. i am talking about the equinox dragon

    Thanks sincerely

    • Hello Sam. I think it’s okay to do whatever you want. What I do is not the only way to do things. I just show people how I make things. But I certainly don’t expect everyone to do the exact same thing. Give the toothpicks a try. And experiment with scales. See if you can make the paper work. Good luck

  10. Sam haq says:

    Those triangle clothe all around the dragon.

  11. Dave Shuey says:

    love your work I’ve done a dragon trophy head and starting a full body dragon. I’ve made my own teeth but they look like poop. could you do a short video on how you are shaping them and temp and time you use to bake? thanks

  12. Krystal Clark says:

    Hi. I’m in the process of making paper mache dragon horns and wanted more info. on how you do yours. How exactly do you do the cloth mache over them? Like in the Great Paper Mache Dragon Trophy you have posted on YouTube? How many sections of cloth did you use? How did you cut it so as to hide where you cut it? I don’t know if this makes sense but any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way I love your videos they’re my inspiration.

  13. Jenn says:

    Wow!! Such amazing work!!! What do you make the scales out of?

  14. Thomas says:

    Felicidades por su gran trabajo y gracias por enseñar todo lo que sabe sobreeste tema

  15. Bhagya says:

    Sir ,What type of glue have you used ??? I’m trying to do the sea dragon😊 half of its work has completed. It’s not perfect, but not bad. I used favicol white glue till now. For attaching the cloth .. I think using frivolous will be a worst idea. Would you please share the name of glue that you are using…please

    • Hello Bhagya. I use all purpose “white” glue with the cloth. The most common brand is called “Elmer’s”. It is also called PVA, and is used to glue wood together. Good luck!

  16. Amanda Morgan says:

    I’m wondering where I can find a tutorial of how you make your teeth, horns, talons, etc.? Do you use resin? Did you make a mold? How did you make that mold? I have so many questions 😂

    • Hello Amanda. If you look on any of my tutorials on this blog I show how to make those things. I use different processes for different projects. But it’s all out there.

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