Paper Mache “Son of Maleficent”

Some of you will remember that last year I made “Maleficent”, the dragon from the classic Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty”, as a commission.     I had only one photo from the movie to work with (I have this photo, and the Maleficent I made below).    It turned out to be a very popular piece.   So I decided to make her son.  I’ll bet you didn’t know she had a son!   Well, she did.   How do I know?   Because I have his head on my wall.   Here it is.

paper mache Son of Maleficent

I wanted the son to be more aggressive looking…to have more of everything.  So I added a lot more horns and more detail in every respect.

Yes, I added l.e.d. lights like I did with Maleficent, red this time.   I have little micro-switches behind the ears to turn them on and off.   Of course the lights look much better when it’s darker.  But I wanted you to see the details of the trophy, so I shot these photos in the daylight.

These lights are battery operated (I didn’t want a chord coming off the trophy) so you can’t just leave them constantly lit.    For the majority of the time they will be turned off.   So the trophy has to look good even with the lights off.  Here is the trophy with the lights off.   Personally, I think the white-ish eyes look great.   Here are views from two sides.

paper mache Son of Malecifient - lights offpaper mache dragon trophyAnd, here is one with me in the photo so that you get a sense of scale. 
dan reeder with paper mache dragon trophy

And, in case you forgot, or you didn’t see the post, here are photos of the original Maleficent commission along with the cartoon I used as a guide.

paper mache Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Dragon

Now I’m sure that there are Disney purists out there who will hate this project.   It will be seen as sacrilegious to mess around with the original (much less suggest that Maleficent had a baby!).   To those people I can only say….it’s just a cartoon.

It turns out I took a lot of video of this project while I was making it, but not many photos.   So I’m not going to build this trophy here on the blog.   But I did make one of my time-lapse videos of the build.   If you are interested you can find it here.


By the way.    I realize that I never posted any photos of the juvenile version of Drogon.    Like with the Son of Maleficent above, I didn’t post the making of this project but I did make a video.   So here is a photo of him.   If you want to see the video click on the photo.

paper mache Drogon from Game of Thrones
And, in case you’ve missed Eddie the pill, here he is.
my cat Eddie 


26 Responses to Paper Mache “Son of Maleficent”

  1. Kyle Breske says:

    Nice i love the work you do

  2. Sean says:

    Would you ever sell the Maleficent dragon out of paper mache or make a new one? I would really love one for my house!

    • Hello Sean. Are you talking about “Son of Maleficent” or the original “Maleficent?” The original was made as a commission. So it is not available. And I never make duplicates because I promise my commission customers that their piece will be unique. I do make variations on the theme, like the “Son of Maleficent”.

    • Merrie says:

      Would you consider selling your Maleficent dragon, or perhaps making another like it? When my boyfriend saw this he simply said “I must have that in my life”

      Thank you,


      • Hello Merrie. Thanks for the note. Do you mean the “Son of Maleficent?” Or the original Maleficent? That one was a commission. It is long gone. I never make two projects that are the same. When I make a commission for someone I guarantee that it will be unique. Sorry. That’s why I made the Son of Maleficent, because it was a variation on the theme. You can see it on the Art for Sale page of my site, (
        Thanks for your interest.

  3. BJ Emrick says:

    How much would it cost to do a dragon with purple lights

  4. Siebe Vu says:

    wooowww! it’s awesome!!
    I really like your work, it’s beautifull!!
    You even inspired me to build a dragon!
    Ofcourse it isn’t such as good as those from you but I like it :D!

  5. Leslie says:

    Awesome work. And anyone who complains about maleficent having a child has clearly never watched once upon a time lol ^.^

  6. Jayme Erickson says:

    Do you have a link to a web site or can you tell me how much it would cost for a malificent trophy? I love this!!

  7. Curtis robinette says:

    I love it I’d like to have one

  8. Jeana says:

    Do you sell these?

  9. Kerry says:

    Where can I purchase a dragon!?

  10. Karen says:

    I so need one of these obviously they can’t be bought ?!!

  11. chelsea Rowe says:

    Doyou sell any of these?!?!?

  12. Jose Ramon says:

    hola soy nuevo en esto y me quedo boquiabierto con tus trabajos. Me gustaria hacer la cabeza de un gato pero no se por donde empezar ,me podrias orientar?

    • Hola Jose. Lo siento, pero no es posible ofrecer tutoriales individuales. Pero tengo tutoriales en mi blog y muchos videos en Youtube que muestran cómo realizo mis proyectos. Hacer un gato no es diferente a hacer cualquier otra cosa. Las técnicas son las mismas. Darle una oportunidad. Usted se sorprenderá. ¡Buena suerte!

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