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My name is Dan (the Monster Man) Reeder. I’m a papier mache artist living in Seattle, Washington. I’ve been doing my own version of paper mache since 1972. My goal in life is to spread the word about this under-rated, under-utilized art form.   I have an official website, http://www.GourmetPaperMache.com, with more information about me, my books, and my latest videos.   Check it out if you get the chance.   If you just want to know when my next paper mache video comes out, visit my YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/c/GourmetPaperMache , and subscribe.

Thank you for stopping by.

Contact me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com

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  1. William K.Goodwin says:

    Hey Dan… Kent here…long time no talk..Wow…the site now powered by WordPress too…I was scanning the search engines for “paper mache” and you do realize you have single handedly started a new paper mache revolution!!! Just wanted to pop in and say thank you thy master…

    • Hey Kent. It’s nice to hear from you! It has been a long time. I’m not sure I did anything single handedly, but I do feel that I’ve helped a lot of people along. I still think it’s a great medium. But I’m preaching to the choir. I hope you are still making lots of art. So nice of you to write.

    • Antonio says:

      Hi Dan ,One would like to ask you how to do the horns and the claws, also it wanted to ask you how to do the eyes.

      • Hello Antonio. Usually I make the horns out of Fimo or Sculpy. And I don’t make my own eyes. I use eyes from taxidermists. You can find the companies I use online.

    • stephanie says:

      where doe you get youre dragon eyes?

  2. Scarlet says:

    Your work is AMAZING….. I found your original site a few years ago and have made a couple of items with your “egg” technique, but not nearly as lovely as your pieces. Keep up the good work and keep us amateurs inspired!!!!

  3. sonny martinez says:

    Hello sir, I’m an average teenager who happens to be the main artist type in my neighborhood. I want to take the time to tell you that I’ve seen your videos and I am a big fan of your work. I hope to see more “step by step” videos from you. Thank you for acknowledging my post.

    • Hello Sonny. Thank you for the nice comment! I’m very happy that you like my work. I know that I don’t have a lot of step-by-step videos, but I show many of my projects being built step-by-step on this blog. Just look under “older paper mache projects”. You will see lot of instruction there.
      Good luck

  4. Cat Faust says:

    Hi Dan, I jus wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to create my own gaggle of goofy monsters! I bought your book and have jumped in whole heartedly! I am an artist as well, and am so excited that I am so excited about this absolutely fun avenue! Thank you thank you 🙂 Cat Faust

  5. Cat Faust says:

    Hello again:) I’d be happy to post a pic or two of my little guys..although I’m not sure how to do it on this page. I am good at a lot of things..but apparently technology has beaten me down to the point of “duh”.. Is there another site or address that I can post to? Thank you kindly, Cat

  6. Cat Faust says:

    I did send an email this morning:) Cat

  7. Cat Faust says:

    Did I mention that I was in the DUh phase of computer literacy? I most likely goofed somewhere.. I’ll try again now

  8. Angie says:

    So Excited to come across paper mache dragon master! I have been working on my own 7′ paper mache dragon, and was looking for finishing techniques. I am also a dragon lover. The eyes you use, gives them such a great finish. Where do you get eyeballs like that? Your dragon mache techniques are awesome.. can’t wait to incorporate them into project dragon. Was hoping for your dragon book to be digital – guess ill have to wait for snail mail 😦 arrrg! 😉

    • Hello Angie. Sounds like you are in the middle of something fun! For the most part I use taxidermy eyes. I just can’t resist the beauty of glass eyes. You can also get blanks and paint the iris’ etc. I do that once in a while. You can also buy cabochons and paste photos behind them (there is a guy on Etsy who does pretty nice dragon eyes that way). If you Google “glass eyes taxidermy” you’ll find all the places to get eyes. Sorry about the snail mail book. There are many reasons not to go digital, but I’ll spare you the details.
      Good luck on the finished dragon. I’d love to see it when you finish.

      • Angie says:

        I found a couple glass eyes on Etsy and ordered them last night. Maybe ill email you a couple pics, its already looking pretty awesome and maybe you will have some feedback 🙂 Thank you for sharing info, I appreciate!

      • Great! I’d love to see the photos when you are done, maybe even post them on my website if you are interested. Have fun!

  9. Angie says:

    Just got your last dragon book off Amazon.ca

  10. kasha says:

    Hi my name is kasha and i wanted to know if u could make another milaficefacent dragon head its for my son he loves dragons and i would like to purches one

  11. kasha says:

    By looking at ur pecies it is easy to see that they are worth every penny u are asking unfortunately i am on a fixed income but they are beautiful good luck in ur future ur very talented

  12. colldruien says:

    Beautiful inspiring work. How do you make your eyes Dan? Thanks Taryn.

    • Hi Taryn. Thank you! I appreciate your comment. Most of the time I buy taxidermy eyes. They are glass and beautiful. If you Google, “glass eye taxidermy” you’ll find all the companies I use. They all sell slightly different kinds of eyes. Also in the UK is a great place, http://www.glasseyes.com.
      Take care

  13. Hannah says:

    Your art Is GREAT! 🙂 😀 Iv’e never thought about trying out paper mache until I found you on the internet. Iv’e tried many arts styles playing instruments (Clarinet), dancing (Yes it is an art!), Manga, and realistic drawings, acrylic painting, pottery, makeup art, and many others! Your talent is unique and your job is different it amazes the unartistic to get out to the artistic side! One day I wish to be a artists like you! Im still a typical teenager, I still have time to get better! (Lets hope) 🙂 🙂 THANK YOU! 😀

  14. Danielle McAllister says:

    Hi your work is amazing my husband would love to have one of these hanging on his wall he loves dragons! I still cannot get over how amazingly beautiful your art it!

    • Thank you Danielle. I appreciate the kind remarks. I do sell my work at times, but the prices reflect the amount of time and effort I put into them. Contrary to what the videos imply, they are very labor intensive to make. My prices reflect that. So I charge $1500 for a trophy and $2000 for a full dragon plus shipping.  That’s why many people decide to buy my books and make their own dragon. Still, if you’d like to get on the waiting list for a commission, then please let me know. I’m flattered by your interest.

      • Mark Elford says:

        Hi Danmonsterman,i was hammering metal into sculptures,but the noise is devestating,so i cant hammer for a while. i found your website and im impressed,so im building a winged beast as im typing this,thanks for my new hobby! Mark.

      • You are welcome Mark! Good luck!

  15. avi8torace says:

    Hi Dan!

    Its been years since I’ve practice the art of paper mache. I have a friend who shared one of your videos and seems to be going a bit viral over the internet, maybe the reason you’ve been getting an influx of correspondence. So, I’m just adding one more to it. 😀

    Watching your video has reawakened my interest in paper mache but with a bit of a twist. I’m looking at doing a railroad scenery with it. The first exposure I ever had to paper mache was creating “vejigante mask” for a junior high school play. Might have to Google those words since it a traditional thing from Puerto Rico, but they look like sorta like monster dragons. Anywho, I will be following to try to relearn on how to make my creations using your ideas and instructional videos.

    Thanks for all of your work!


  16. Hi Dan a friend posted one of your vids on my fb and all i can say is WoW very,very impressive… You do amazing work. im calling my friend and to see if he wants to try our hands at making a paper mache dragon… im sure it wont be 1/2 as awesome but will be fun trying… thnx so such and props

  17. Tina Yellowman says:

    Love your work, just beautiful. Do you sell your art. Im interested in it for my son.

    • Thank you Tina! I sell my work every so often but I can’t take any more requests for quite a while. I’m just overwhelmed by them. Not sure How I’m going to handle it. Sorry.

  18. Teresa Foster says:

    Love love love your work. I can say I am truly inspired, my husband is a huge fan of dragons. So I’ll well be trying my hand at something really cool here soon. (can’t wait to get started actually, having some OCD thinking about it) Thank you for the tutorial you posted on youtube. So glad I saw it before I went out and bought some plaster paris. Thank you for sharing, inspiring and challengeing. 🙂

  19. Anastasia says:

    Hello Dan. Thank you for inspiring videos and tutorials! I really like your way if making sculptures, it is my favorite among all other existing ways of doing paper mache art. I saw your videos first 5 years ago, and I am glad that you keep active and spraying the word of paper mache art! Thanks!

  20. Tim says:

    Dear Dan,
    Like a lot of people I saw the video on f.b., then found your you tube channel and then this blog! And was amazed . I guess the proper term should be moved, as I havent been able to do my airbrushing in my shop due the cooler weather, and have ” moved another hobby into the warm house. Well I guess I should be honest and say my wifes kitchen . At first just a few things news papers and few odds and ends . Well three weeks later ……. A huge pile of news paper a large tub of supplies that has overflowed and forced me to take over a kitchen cabinet ….. Projects hangin in her laundry room to dry as well.. (because its warm place for them to dry of course ) She hasnt said a whole lot about it all until today……. On the way home from chuck e cheese with the kids out of nowhere she says ” ( I was thinkin to my self her it comes ..I’m gettin kicked out of the kitchen) She says… Lets make a life size great white shark for the kids room , a ten footer … with an arm hangin out of his mouth !

    I guess she approves of the new mess is the kitchen .

    So I just want to thank you for for willingness to inspire and teach your craft to all that are willing to learn. You have added a few hours of together family time to our life as the kids have thier own bucket of paper clay they now get out and play with while I am makin a mess in the kitchen.


    • Hi Tim. You are too funny! Sounds like you are ready to have some fun! Thank you for the nice remarks. Glad I could help. Remember….the family that makes monsters together, stays together.
      Good luck!

  21. Oliver says:

    Hi Dan

    I gotta tell you I sure am impressed by your work. It is truly inspirational.
    I’m no stranger to the medium of mâché having made props for countless school plays over the years but you are at the top of your game.
    I know that you’re a very busy man and appreciate the amount of time and patience your art entails but was wondering if you would consider making a life sized mâché model of my wife Mindy.
    Money is no problem, you could just name your price.
    Well, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Keep up the good work,

    • Hi Oliver. I really appreciate your kind words. And I’m really flattered by your offer. The problem is that I have many more requests right now than I can accommodate. It might actually be a couple years before I can take more orders. I am revising my current main website. On there I will have a place where you cand sign up to see any art that somehow ends up for sale. The new site will be launched before Feb 1. If you are a subscriber to this blog you will get a note when that is ready. Sorry. Thanks again for your interest.

  22. RaeAnn Fuller says:

    Hi this is RaeAnn
    I sent you an email but I don’t know if thats the most reliable way to access you… I have done some paper machè projects in the past but none at this level. If you have any tips for making them I would be extremely happy 🙂
    And I have one request, but not for me to buy just to see how you would make it. I was wondering if you can try and make the Hungarian Horntail from Harry Potter

  23. iluminado666 says:

    Bom Professor Dan; sou um grande fã seu venho acompanhando suas obras e tenho facinio por todas elas são inspirações para viver cada dia. Deus com certeza te abençou com este grande Dom e Virtude. Quero fazer esculturas parecidas como as tuas e outras conforme inpiração mais uma coisa que não identifiquei é :
    Qual cola utiliza ? e massa de fazer egessar ossos quebrados em uma fratura ?
    Que tipo de pano utiliza ?
    Seu livro tem tradução em português e ensina como fazer suas escritura ?
    Peço desculpas por querer saber sobre seu trabalho em detalhes mais me impressiono com seus trabalhos a cada dia. Sou presidente de uma cooperativa de reciclagem e desejo influenciar e desenvolver trabalhos parecidos com pessoas de muito baixa renda.
    Obrigado vc se supera a cada trabalho.

    • Olá. Estou feliz que você gosta de meu trabalho. Eu uso um tradutor e então eu não tenho certeza se eu entendo todas as suas perguntas. Eu usar cola branca com meu pano. É multifacetado, como se usam nas escolas. Eu não sei o que o equivalente é o lugar onde você está. O pano é lençóis velhos. Lamento por meus livros são em apenas Inglês. Mas eu mostrar muitos projetos sendo feito passo-a-passo sobre este blog que ilustram minhas técnicas.
      Boa sorte!

  24. Erik Von Norden says:

    I agree with RaeAnn Fuller, I was thinking Harry Potter – among others – the whole time. And I could see you as the Hagrid character, “…dragons are widely misunderstood animals…”.

  25. Very Cool! and my maiden name was Reeder (relatives from Texas–and Missouri??) Janis Commenttz http://www.janiscommentz.com

  26. George says:

    Hello this is insanely awesome this is a epic work of art your are so fantastic! I hope i could get 1 of the dragons or could you train me please……or could you send me 1….

  27. Judith Krasemann says:

    Hey Dan! I’m Judith, I live in Germany and started with paper mache 3 months ago. Thanks a lot for your page and video clips, that help’s a lot for many things and inspired me so much! Your work is amazing- I’m wondering how long it takes to you for one of your dragons? After all- it’s not important…I ask myself what kind of cloth are the wings/ skin? Many thanks in advance, hope to hear from you !! Judith

    • Hello Judith. It’s hard to know exactly how long it takes me to make a dragon. I don’t keep track, and I usually am working on more than one project at a time. It takes weeks, sometimes months depending upon the detail involved. I use old bed sheets for the “skin”. Good luck!

  28. Veronika says:

    Hi Dan! I am very interested in your work they are great, I’m a student from Ukraine, I would also like to try myself in this matter, but I have a question what kind of paint do you use?Please answer the question I would be grateful!

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  30. Natalie says:

    Hello my Name is Natalie and I writi to ask you a question about dragon eyes what’s the material you use? It’s glass or plastic?? How do i get it? I’m from Chile and my husband loves your creation and he is trying to make a dragon

  31. Where can i buy your art of dragons? I leave my email pedroxvillegas@hotmail.com I’m from Mexico

  32. Nancy says:

    Hi Dan. I was doing my normal routine of having coffee and surfing the internet to find something interesting and artistic and I stumbled across a video on Pinterest of a paper mache giraffe from (I think their name was sermel?) So I went on youtube to find other videos and came across yours. All I can say is OMG these are amazing!! I absolutely love the mother dragon and baby. I actually did like her in white…she looked majestic. She looks fabulous all dressed in green as well! I also can’t wait to see the cat dragon!! The amount of time these took and the detail is incredible. And the teeth you made and the idea of using old phone books is brilliant!! I always wondered where they went… I am in the process of making a studio for myself and this is going to be added to my bucket list of things to make. I should start gathering phone books now!! LOL! I am so impressed with these! Thank you!

    • Hello Nancy. I’m very flattered to be added to your morning internet romp! I’ve always said with sculpture, if I like it in the white stage, then it will look good in color. If I don’t like the white stage, then color can’t fix it. In this case, since it is a sea-dragon, it needed the color. Thanks for dropping by. Good luck with your studio. A dedicated art space is really important I think. Take care

  33. Shannon Gray says:

    Hi Dan,
    I wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you have been to me! As Halloween is coming in a few days I find myself staying up to the wee hours of the night making a Halloween mask. I asked my son a month ago what he wanted to be for Halloween a question I always ask early because I make all his costumes. Well this year Evan’s big idea was that he wanted to be a boy turning into a dragon because its way cooler than being Harry Potter. So the search began as I thought to myself how the hell am I gonna do that?? Then I found you the dragon master and the angels sang to me this is it everything I need! So over the past few weeks with the help of you amazing book and you tube videos. I have been constructing dragon wings and a dragon mask. I wish I had you on speed dial for questions lol I had to give myself lots of pep talks. I’ve worked with paper mache before and found that your recipe is perfect this is the strongest paper mache I’ve used. I’m not sure how to thank you I feel like you as a artist deserve credit and thanks for the ideas you came up with it helped me make the most bad ass costume for my son. We’re hoping to win some contests this weekend!! I would love to share some pictures with you if you like. It doesn’t compare to yours at all but it’s close! Thanks again Dan your work is incredible!

    • Hello Shannon. I’m very glad that you found my materials useful! I am always happy to hear that other people have discovered (rediscovered) this amazing medium. Sounds like you have a very lucky boy! If you ever want to show off your costume I’d love to post a photo or two on my website. Just a thought. If you do you can send the photos to dan@gourmetpapermache.com. Happy Halloween!

  34. Rick dempsey says:

    When you cloth mache what type of cloth do you use.

    • I use old bed sheets that I get from Good Will. I don’t worry about the blends. I care more that they are well worn since that makes them more malleable with the glue.

  35. Lucas says:

    Who inspired you to do this kind of art?

    • Hello Lucas. I was teaching elementary school in 1972 when I needed an art project to do with the kids. I decided that paper mache monsters would be perfect since you can’t be judged on how a monster looks. It was “goof proof.” Over time I made a few variations on the methods and have been doing to work ever since. Thanks for asking.

  36. Julia says:

    What other ways have you used to support wings during the clothing process?

    • It just depends upon the size and shape of the wings. If they are smaller wings such that the weight of the wet cloth won’t bend the “fingers” when I lay it on, then I’ll just add the cloth with no supports. But if the wings are large, then those fingers can’t support big pieces of cloth soaked in glue. For those you need more support. That’s when I attach them to the ceiling with string while I’m laying down the cloth.

  37. Mandy says:

    Hello! It’s nice to see you still doing video. I watched your videos when I was small. It was like 11 years old and I was impressed by how the way you make the dragons because it looked like you wet the paper and used glue to do it. It was special for me because I never seen people doing it in this way. I liked the teeth and wrapping the glued thing around the teeth. It was satisfying. I been thinking you used newspaper because it was more environmentally friendly at that age and this may explain why I thought it was special because most of the other DIY or handcraft videos use other materials that they buy from. At that age I don’t have any money and think it was so cool you make a dragon in this way and just think that I might try this method you do one day in my life.

    • Hello Mandy. Well it’s very nice to hear from you now that you are older! I hope all is well. Yes, you should give this art form a try! You would enjoy it I think. Thanks for the nice note. I’m very flattered!

  38. Eric says:

    HI Dan,
    since my first visit in 2012 i came back many times for inspiration and to show my students soem work of you. Sorry to say it seems you are a bit “silent” at the moment?
    I hope all is well?
    Been finishing my own long overdue project though because of the Covid lockdown. I was searching for the upload link.
    Best season greetings from Holland.

    • Hello Eric. So glad you got around to finishing your own project! That’s how it is with teaching. You get so involved with your student’s work that you often forget to invest in your own artistic expression. I’d love to see what you made and put it on my website if you are interested. Send photos to dan@gourmetpapermache.com.
      Take care
      PS. I was “silent” for a while. Sometimes life gets in the way of art. I’m back to work but the project I’ve taken on is taking much more time than I expected. Hopefully I’ll have something to show soon.

  39. Hello o/ I came back to your channel after several years to once again pick up a new paper mache project i’ve been postponing. I will admit i was a little bit worried to see the 2 year silence over there and wanted to know if hopefully you’ve been doing well this past time?
    I now remember i said way back when that i would send you pictures with the dragon i was intending to make, but never got to it :”D I hopefully can do that now, along with the new boio i will be making, as soon as i find an upload link or something :”D
    Hope you’re doing well
    Greetings from Romania 😀

    • Hello Kinarymo. Sorry, just now seeing your comment. Nice to hear from you! I totally understand having projects that sit waiting to be completed! I have many of them. As you noted I haven’t posted new work for a while. Sometimes life gets in the way of art. But I am not working on my art again. Hopefully I will finish something soon. You can send photos to me at this email, dan@gourmetpapermache.com. I will post them and add any links you wish. Take care

  40. Claudia says:

    found your website and was amazed to see the dragons! I got your book and made one dragon. It was so much fun to create it. My family and friends were shocked that it was made of paper mache. I refer to your videos a lot during the process. One thing I would like to know is what type of lighting do you use for the eyes and how do you hide the switch on the dragon ? I would like to do this on my next dragon.
    Thank you for your book and videos! I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

    • Hello Claudia. I use battery powered l.e.d lights. I usually buy them at PaperLantern.com. It’s a little tricky because I have to extend the wires in order to get the clusters where I want them. Usually I solder small sections of wire where I need more length. I use microswitches (get them on Amazon) to turn on and off (I hot glue the switch on the battery pack to the “on” position). I put the switches behind ears or horns or anyplace you can’t see looking straight at the project. The dragon I just finished I put the switch behind the neck. They are small and easily hidden. Good luck!

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