Paper Mache Tiamat Dragon – Black dragon assembly

Hi everyone.   More about my commission for the Chromatic Dragon restaurant.   This time I’ll show you the assembly of the Black dragon.   This is my favorite head, first because of the cool, long horns.  Also, it is described as being the most gaunt, almost skull-like.  I like that idea a lot.

First I attached the paper mache jaws to the neck.   Then I added the all important main horns.  I’m very pleased with the way these turned out.   Then I started building up the forehead.   I just used the paper mache shell of a large ball for this.   I’ll say this many times, all of this is subject to change.  You can sit and stare at a project for a long time wondering how it should look.  I’ve found that I just need to start, and then make changes as I see fit.   This forehead is a little too big.  I’ll trim it later.

Paper Mache Tiamat dragon - black dragon add jaws Paper Mache Tiamat dragon - black dragon build forehead

In fact, if you look carefully, you can see that I did just that.  I sliced off a layer of the paper mache shell and taped it together.   Then I pushed in the sides of that shell to form the eye sockets.  I added another paper mache shell for a rudimentary nose.

Paper Mache Tiamat dragon - black dragon forehead

I added many more horns to the face.  I added several to the chin and jowls.

Paper Mache Tiamat dragon -black dragon chin Paper Mache Tiamat dragon -black dragon under chin and jowls

Here is a little better photo of those horns along the chin and jaw.   Then I added the breastplates.  It’s hard to see the pattern.    I matched the breastplates that were used in the official Dungeons and Dragons wallpaper I mentioned earlier.  You will notice a “W” sort of shape when it’s painted.

Paper Mache Tiamat dragon - black dragon horns on chin and jowls Paper Mache Tiamat dragon -black dragon breast plates

Speaking of the wallpaper….it showed the black dragon with a webbed spine.  So I added that to the neck and forehead.   You can see the spines I used here.   This is how it looked after I trimmed the cloth.

Paper Mache Tiamat dragon -black dragon spine Paper Mache Tiamat dragon -black spine

After I did that I decided that they went too far down the forehead.  So I cut several of the spines off and added some more horns.   Much better.

Paper Mache Tiamat dragon - black dragon forhead spikes

I used the cloth mache to add eyelids, and I fashioned a nose.

Paper Mache Tiamat dragon -black cloth mache eyes Paper Mache Tiamat dragon -black new nose

Finally I added some detail to the neck.   I didn’t want conventional scales for this guy.  So I used my “spit wad” technique (spit wads made with toilet paper, white glue, with some commercial Celluclay).

Paper Mache Tiamat dragon -black scales

So here he is in his glory.   I really look forward to painting this guy.

Paper Mache Tiamat Dragon - Black dragon assembled 2

Here is Black Dragon with his Red head counterpart.

Paper Mache Tiamat Dragon - Black dragon assembled

Next post will be the White dragon.   Thank you for stopping by!





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22 Responses to Paper Mache Tiamat Dragon – Black dragon assembly

  1. Daniel Sampson says:

    Now that is an awesome dragon. Great job, Dan!

  2. conzaustin says:

    He looks mean!!! Wow, you make it look so easy. This is such a cool project. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • I’m glad you said that. Some people have said they look like they are smiling. I suppose in a way they do look like that because of the slight upturn in the mouths. But the paint should help that. Take care

  3. Leslie Jones says:

    These guys are so exciting to see develop and “come to life”! Can’t wait to see them all painted, though really they look good just like they are now. Excellent work! Thanks again for sharing, such a treat to see them develop.

    • Thanks Leslie. I do like them white as well. It makes you focus on the sculpture. The painting will pull out the horns and other details. Right now it’s hard to distinguish between scales and horns. My only dread is cleaning the horns and teeth when it’s all done. That takes a lot of time. Take care

  4. Lori says:

    Great work! They look so different. Fantastic!!
    You are really moving along on these.

  5. Kat says:

    Oh Dan, this is so exciting to watch as you unveil the dragons. By the time I scrolled down to the second last photo I got goosebumps as I was so excited for you. Then the final one with the Black and Red together was pure heaven. Thank you so much for sharing this build with us!

  6. Angie says:

    Nice! I love the spit wad teqnique, my own dragon sure has started to look alive because of it. Looking forward to seeing them with colour, it is my favorite part to watch.

  7. Amy says:

    This is amazing! The new scales look beautiful and the horns are wonderful. It turned out so much better then I imagined it would. I cannot wait for the rest. Good luck with the white and awesome work as always xxx

  8. Janet Post says:

    Thank you for taking the time to show us your amazing work, and teach. You have an awesome talent!

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  10. cece cole says:

    I like your work. Stupid, silly question…Do you watch Face Off?

  11. Stella says:

    I think this one might be my favourite head so far. It’s the horns, and the way you’ve textured the skin around them. I really, really like what you’ve done with its forehead where the horns and skin accentuate the shape of the skull. Your attention to detail is really something! It definitely looks gaunt and skull-like with those big hollow eye sockets.

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