Yes, yes, I have been delinquent about posting

Ever since Covid hit, three years ago now, I just can’t seem to keep my website or blog up to date.   So here’s a quick rundown of some projects I have made over the last year or so from most recent to less.

I can’t seem to get away from dragons.   And this is the craziest one I have made.    It is a hybrid clown/dragon.    I have named it, “Ronald McDragon.”    I am still working on the video to go with this project.    But here’s a first glimpse.

Before Ronald I made a Chinese Dragon.  I’ve always wanted to make a true Chinese dragon.   If you click on the photo it will take you to the YouTube video of the build.    There are now ads place on YouTube videos without my permission.   I do not get compensated for them.   Please just refresh until the video shows.    And DO NOT click on the ad even if you like whatever product they are selling.   I hate the ads on YouTube!

chinese dragon

And I also made this medusa-like head.   I cleverly call it “Mindful of Dragons.”   Again, if you want to see the video of this built click on the photo (and refresh past the ads!).

mindful of dragons

About danmonsterman

I've been a paper mache artist for many years. Visit my website for instructional videos, galleries, and everything else paper mache. Or visit my WebPress blog,
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29 Responses to Yes, yes, I have been delinquent about posting

  1. Lynn Sprinkle says:

    Hello Dan! Great to hear from you! I hope you, your fur babies and your not so furry babies are all well. ? I look forward to your next video with great anticipation! Take care!


    Lynn Sprinkle ________________________________

  2. Mona says:

    Amazing master pieces! The latest is so wild.I love your imagination.You put so much into these then videos on top of all the work of creating.Wow!
    I tell so many people about your amazing work.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Hey Mona! How’d you hear about this so fast? You are always too sweet. Hope all is well with you and all your critters!

      • Mona says:

        Hi Dan,you are welcome.I am on email list,so I got a email.It goes to social email. I’m going to try to change that so that it goes to my regular inbox.

  3. Katrina Bueneman says:

    Yay! So glad you are back!

  4. D. White says:

    I don’t mind delinquency. I will still check out the work, and love your attitude about the ads. Like Lynn, I hope you, cats and whomever else are well. I haven’t gotten notifications about the youtube uploads, which I find annoying. Some of my fave but less prolifically posted channel subs are similarly not pushed into my notifications despite the selection of wanting to be notified. I appreciate this arriving in my email.
    The Ronald McDragon speaks volumes to me, whether the things I hear are intended or not, is not really my business. Art things sometimes have their own (really the observers subjective reception) narratives to pass to observers.

  5. bonniemer says:

    Bonnie Merchant


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  6. claudia areddia says:

    Glad to see your back. They look wonderful 👍.

  7. you never disappoint! Your dragons are just amazing and could just sit and look at them for hours. The details are outstanding and everyone just beautiful in color!
    Thank you so much for sharing and cat wait to go to You Tube and watch the videos!

  8. Hello Dan……your dragons never disappoint ! The details and colors are just awesome in all your work!! Thank You for sharing!!!!! I so enjoy looking at them and will definitely head to You Tube and watch the videos!!

  9. Maricha says:

    It’s been a while but I was happy to see an update in my inbox and that you’re still at it and as talented as I remember. I think your work is awesome.

  10. Thank you! Glad you’re ok and still creating. The Chinese dragon is inspiring. It’s fabulous.

    Susan Brown

  11. Rosemary Schmidt says:

    Oh Dan! It’s good to see you alive and well. ? I play a game called WoW which is currently heavily based on dragons and it makes me think of you often. The clown dragon made me laugh, who woulda thunk? The medusa must have taken extra long to make with all those mini dragons in her hair. I like the tongue in cheek aspect. My fave is your chinese dragon though, it really sparks my imagnination. Rose

    • Thank you for your concern Rosemary. I’m well. Just older. I joke (sort of) that while the pandemic lasted 3 years I aged 6! I’m very happy that you like my latest projects. Truth is, at the start of the pandemic I launched into a project I had in my head for many years. It involved some technology and was particularly challenging. I got stuck and finally gave up on it after about a year of pushing up against a wall. When I did get back to my art I made the Medusa-like head. And yes, it was a very labor intensive project with all the little dragons. But it worked I think. The Chinese dragon also took a long time to make. It would be 20 feet long if unraveled. Lots of scales. Finally this clown/dragon. I thought it would be an interesting challenge. But I’m pleased with the result. Thank you again.

  12. Vicki Scales says:

    Awesome work Dan! I plan to check out the videos. Thanks for the ad warning. Keep up the great work. Please let me know if you participate in art shows. Warm regards, Vicki

  13. Karen Russell says:

    In 1990 i bought a copy of The Simple Screamer and that summer my two boys and their friends made screamers in our basement. Great time had by all, except maybe the boy in the hat who was all sports all the time. I think his screamer may have been made largely by me. And alas, my boys moved on to Legos. Thank you for the inspiration! Karen

    • Hey Karen. What a nice comment! Makes me smile. I know how much work it was to orchestrate a Screamer building operation! And such a mess! That makes you a hero in my book. I’m sure the kids will not forget that experience. Such a nice thing to do for the kids! Thank you for taking the time to write about this. Take care

  14. papermachemuse101 says:

    Not sure if I like it but I know you are a really wonderful artist and everything is important on our artistic path.

    • Thanks papermachemuse. As an artist you can appreciate the challenge of pulling off a difficult concept. That’s what my dragon/clown hybrid was, a concept challenge. I think it worked which makes me happy. It’s okay if it doesn’t move everyone the same way. Thanks for the nice comment. Hope all is well.

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