Paper Mache Commission

Hi again.  Sorry again for the lags in my posts.  It was hard doing anything while Max was sick.  But I have been working.    A while back I was asked to make a baby dragon as a birthday gift.   David Broome was working on his novel called, “DemonSeed” (you can find a pre-release version on Amazon).   The dragon was a character in the book and David’s wife (and editor) Terri asked me to make the dragon, Ilsa, using the description given in his book.  A worthy challenge.

Here is the dragon I made for David.  Of course I made a time-lapse video of the project.   You can watch it on Youtube by clicking on the photo.

Paper Mache Baby Dragon

After finishing this commission I decided to make something for myself.  I haven’t done that in a while.   Commissions are fun, but sometimes I just want to sculpt.   I decided to make a non-dragon project.   But there was that unfinished trophy in the corner of my studio….and a couple extra wood plaques, so I ended up binging on a few dragon trophies.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.    The trophies are all sculpted.  They just need paint.  I’ll post something about them very soon.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for your kind words about Max.   One last shot

Max on the paper

Speaking of Max… we have a very nice reminder of him in the form of a painted rock.  This was done by fellow artist Sue Thomas.   If you’d like to have your own pet immortalized by Sue, you can find her here, on Facebook.

Max on a rock

See you all soon.


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18 Responses to Paper Mache Commission

  1. Cernunnas says:

    Hey Dan, one quick question… sorry it’s not entirely related to this particular piece, but anyway… do you use anything to ease the process of working with Fimo? Cause my fingers get soooo sore after kneading it when I have to use a lot of it… so I was thinking, for projects like Smaug, where you made a lot of horns, isn’t it annoying that you have to knead so much of it? Also, are the big horns you make hollow inside? Darn Fimo is so expensive, it hurts my pocket to make solid pieces.

    • Hey there Cernunnas. I couldn’t agree more about working wit.h polymer clay. It’s a pain. And the older it gets the worse it is. I’ve had to throw a lot of it away. I just work it with my hands while I’m watching TV. I consider it exercise. I have no idea how polymer clay artists do it. On the very large horns I stretch it over an armature made of aluminum foil. As you said, it’s too expensive to make sold horns that are large. Good luck

      • Cernunnas says:

        Hah! Thanks, I actually do the same trick with tin foil. I learnt today that apparently, if you add just a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil, it’s much easier to knead… I’ll have to try that out! Thanks again for your reply.

  2. Marika says:

    I love it! And always a joy to see a time-lapse video, well done! 😀

  3. Grumpmeister Fink says:

    Hi Dan! I was looking through your for sale list, and i noted that the new white dragon has a faded blue color along most of his face, I was just wondering, how was this affect achieved? Still loving the art, keep up the great work!

    • Hey Grumpmeister. Happy holidays to you! Yes, I made three new dragon trophies, just because I wanted to. On that dragon I painted it white first. Then I washed it with black and then blue. Then added back a few white highlights. That’s how I got the colors I wanted. I do love washing things. The gold dragon was painted grey at first. Then I added a green wash, then highlighted with gold paint. The green made the gold really stand out.
      It’s always nice hearing from you.

  4. Grumpmeister Fink says:

    Thank you so much! All 3 look really nice and completely unique! Happy holidays to you as well!

  5. Jenny Greer says:

    Hello Dan! I just found your artwork recently through my facebook feed and I just wanted to say your work is amazing. I’m saving up time and money to get your dragon paper mache book and supplies to make my very own. I love dragons and it’s really exciting to find an artist as excited about dragons as I am. I just got done watching the video for the dragon in this post and it’s just so cool!
    Thank you for sharing your art with the world and I look forward to seeing what you show us next!
    Happy Holidays!

  6. Aletta Mes says:

    Inspired, marvellous, and thank you for sharing so much.

  7. adjisengkana says:

    Awesome. Look at me too a head white tiger from the paper mache. Thanks for all your tips. Goodluck

  8. Judita says:

    Hi. I wanna ask that where do you buy teeth for your dragons? Thanks.

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