Paper Mache Ice Dragon – Final Assembly

Ice Dragon – Details

Happy New Year to you all!

I know I haven’t posted for a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. There are parts of this project that just take a lot of time. For example, I left you last time having just finished adding all of the horns. There were a lot of them. I added cloth mache in between all of those horns.

Cloth mache around horns

Cloth mache around horns

I had to be more careful than usual because I didn’t want to get too much glue on the resin horns. It was difficult cleaning the glue off the horns once I was finished. This took a few days.

I added two rows of “frills” (not sure what else to call them…sort of a webbed mane I guess) on the top of the neck. I twisted some newspaper around pieces of wire clothes hanger and wrapped them with masking tape to make the spines.

Paper mache Ice dragon -make spikes Paper mache Ice dragon -add spikes

After arranging them on the neck I draped wet cloth between them.

drape cloth

After the cloth dried I trimmed them using scissors and an Exacto knife. I added some holes to give a more “dead-like” appearance.

trim frills

Paper mache Ice dragon -frills on top of neck

Maisie wanted to see what I was doing so I moved her cat post close to the action.


I also wanted some tattered shreds of skin (or something) under the chin and neck.    I just cut some shapes out of the cloth.  I painted them before hot gluing them under the neck.  

Paper mache Ice dragon -frills under neck cut

Paper mache Ice dragon -frills under neck painted

Paper mache Ice dragon -frills for under neck

Paper mache Ice dragon -frills under neck

Paper mache Ice dragon -frills under neck

I decided rather than using the triangular scales I usually make to just add some plate-like shapes on the neck and head. I did this using “paper clay”. There are many recipes for paper clay online. I just mix some toilet paper, Elmer’s glue, and commercial “Celluclay” together into a kind of thick dough.

Paper mache Ice dragon -paper clay

Paper mache Ice dragon -add scales on face

Then I tear off blobs of the clay and press them onto the dragon.

Paper mache Ice dragon -add scales on neck

With that I have finished the sculpting.  I think I’m happy with the result.   Here are photos of the project with the lights off …

Paper mache Ice dragon -finished assembly lights off

…and with them on.  

Paper mache Ice dragon -finished assembly lights on

Next….painting!   Thanks for stopping by!



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24 Responses to Paper Mache Ice Dragon – Final Assembly

  1. Mona says:

    You sure do put your heart and soul into your work Dan.Very impressive!

  2. Sue says:

    A real work of art!!!

  3. CRAIG N JAMESON says:


  4. HowlingCorgi says:


  5. Cath Oram says:

    That’s pretty amazing, can’t wait to see the painting.

  6. kathyscrafts1 says:

    SERIOUSLY WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wanda Wright says:


  8. Barbara Sutton says:

    WOW! just WOW!!!

  9. Michael Murphy says:

    A … MAzing!! I’m so looking forward to seeing it complete.

  10. Stella says:

    Nice! The clay scales look great, and I really love how, when you turn on the LEDs, you get those spots of light which diffuse out through the resin horns and teeth.

    • Hey Stella. Happy New Year! I’m liking the lights more and more. I hope I can capture it with photos. I notice that the eyes just get blasted out so that you can’t see the irises.

  11. juan g Alvarez says:

    Wow! Im speechless!!!! This thing is just amazing!!! Congratulations man!!!! What a well executed project! It just seems that you outdo yourself with every new piece!!!!

  12. helen glasscoe says:

    I just love watching you create these masterpieces. The Ice Dragon is wonderful. Cannot wait t see him finished.

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