Paper Mache Drogon-Young Adult Version-attach jaws

Thank you for your patience.   As usual, I’ve been very busy.   I don’t know how I ever held a regular job.     I left off with Drogon’s jaws.   Drogon has lots of little, white teeth.    In this case I used “special effect” Fimo.    When you turn off the lights you can see the “effect”.   I don’t really care that they glow in the dark.   It’s just that the color is perfect for teeth.  It’s a little bit creamy, not stark white.

Paper Mache Drogon-jaws  Paper Mache Drogon-at night

This is a great time to add the tongue and create a jaws assembly.   You can always add the jaws onto the neck separately.  But most of the time it is easier to put the jaws together in advance.   I cut a hole just under the paper mache shell (in between the paper mache and the cloth mache inside the mouth).  I bent the tongue into a “U” shape at the base.  Then I pushed it into the hole.

Paper Mache Drogon-insert tongue  Paper Mache Drogon-insert tongue2

I added tape where I inserted the jaws and then taped the jaws together in the back.     Meanwhile I needed to attach the neck to the plaque.   First I cut open the base of the neck.  It’s a bit tricky to cut this at just the right angle.  I pulled out the wads of paper that I originally used to construct the neck.   This left a big paper mache shell.

Paper Mache Drogon-finished jaw  Paper Mache Drogon-neck

I taped this shell to the plaque and hung it just to make sure that everything was positioned the way I wanted.  This looked good.   I cut off the other end of the paper mache shell so that I could add the jaws.  But first, I wanted to add some cloth mache to give additional strength to the neck.   To protect the beautiful wood of my plaque I covered it with masking tape.  Note that I added more tape between the neck and the plaque as well.

Paper Mache Drogon-check neck  Paper Mache Drogon-add tape

I drilled holes around the neck through the wood.  Then I inserted straightened clothes hangers through them.   I bent the hangers on the back side of the plaque so they wouldn’t pull through.  Then I taped the hangers to the neck.  I probably used too many hangers here.   But this neck is long so I didn’t want to take any chances.   I added a few layers of the cloth mache over all of this.   It took over a week for this to dry completely.  So what did I do while it was drying?  I started a couple more projects!   ADHD art.

Paper Mache Drogon-add clothes hangers  Paper Mache Drogon-add cloth

Paper Mache Drogon-add jawsI inserted my jaw assembly into the hole at the end of the neck and added a lot of masking tape to hold it in.


I’ll stop here.   I promise I’ll get back soon with the next installment.  I will.   Thank you for stopping by.









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20 Responses to Paper Mache Drogon-Young Adult Version-attach jaws

  1. phyl says:

    Hi Dan – I’m curious about a couple of things –
    First of all, the back of the wooden plaque – I like the idea of the hangers poking through for strength and support, but then what do you do to the back of the plaque so you don’t have pieces of hanger scratching the wall when you hang it? Do you cover them somehow?
    And second – how does covering it with masking tape protect the wood of the plaque? You are covering it all with paper-mache anyhow, and I doubt you plan to take it apart and re-use the plaque. Am I missing something?
    By the way, I love the wrinkles inside his mouth!

    • Hi Phyl. I never do things exactly the same twice. I bend the hangers in the back of the plaque to create hooks. Then I use a hammer to pound them into the wood, like a staple. Sometimes I make a large “U” shape and insert both ends of the U through the holes from the back. I take the masking tape off the wood after I’m done with the entire project. I don’t put any paper or cloth mache on the plaque.

      • Phyl says:

        Oh! Duh! Of course! So in the end, the dragon head is totally held in place and supported by the hanger wire, right? Thank you for explaining! I must have forgotten all this… But it’s good I read it now, because I’ve been thinking about doing a ‘taxidermy creature’ project with kids down the road.

      • Usually it’s not necessary to have so much wire. It’s just that this neck is so long that it needed extra reinforcing. I’ll see if I can get a photo of the back of this one.
        Good luck Pyhl! Nice to hear from you.

  2. Carol says:

    Hi Dan, those little teeth are fantastic! I’m sure they will be very spooky in the dark. I had a couple of questions too but between you and Phyllis they’re all answered. Looking great!

  3. Stella says:

    Looking good! I love the mouth with all those little teeth.

  4. Thanks Stella! Yes, the little teeth are fun. Usually I make them much bigger.

  5. Robert James says:

    Hi Dan, Many thanks for your great videos especially those on dragons. I am in the middle of other paper mache projects at the moment but I look forward to freeing up some time for dragons in the new year. I also expect to become a proud owner of your books as I read good things about them. I too want to see a re-evaluation of pm as a construction medium and my long term goal is to research the way it was used in the 19th century.

  6. Emily says:

    This is Perfect! I love all that work. I will try to make some with the tips.
    Never stop! Please.
    A hug from Brazil!

  7. Elin Katz says:

    Hi Dan,
    You don’t have to reply to this- you are busy doing art! I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me. I have been a cake decorator for 35 years and owned my own business in Beverly Hills- called Rosebud Cakes for 27. I am retired now, and wanted to get away from making stuff that is edible- it crashes and burns a lot! My favorite thing to make has always been dragons. I saw your work, got your book, love your spirit of fun! Now I make likenesses of people doing things on their cake that they can keep, and will continue to do more things in PM just because it’s a great medium- no cake necessary! Just got back from a trip to Seattle- beautiful place. Thanks loads! Elin Katz

    • Hello Elin. Your cakes are amazing! I love the turtle cake! It would kill me to see someone slice into it. Thanks for the nice remarks. I’m really glad you are going to give this a try. I think you’ll like it! Good luck on your new ventures!

  8. koonal singh says:

    you are truly amazing person .i like your job

  9. koonal singh says:

    you are truly amazing. I like your job
    and I want meet you to see all your craft work

  10. Van Balen Amélia says:

    Hello, great job ! Just a question : What’s the size of the wooden plaque?

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