Paper Mache Minotaur

Okay, so this is weird.  I’m absolutely sure that I posted photos of my Minotaur (for the Screamer Challenge on the Paper Mache Art Facebook page) here.  But I don’t see it.  It must have been in my dreams.  It was the first of three non-dragon projects I made before allowing myself to get back to Drogon.  So…ignore this if you’ve already seen it on Facebook.

Oh…and of course there is a video of this being made.   It shows the project as I originally finished it.  But I hated it.  So I changed the mouth and the nose.    I like it better now.

Paper Mache Minotaur

Front view

Paper Mache Minotaur-sideSide View

Paper Mache Minotaur- back

Back view

Okay,  NOW back to Drogon!

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I've been a paper mache artist for many years. Visit my website for instructional videos, galleries, and everything else paper mache. Or visit my WebPress blog,
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47 Responses to Paper Mache Minotaur

  1. very nice and I definately have not seen him before! x

  2. I thought Haggis was a grotesque food. What is it?

  3. Diann says:

    I am cannot find the words to express my thoughts on this except WOW!!! I have not had the pleasure of seeing him before. You have such an amazing talent. He is absolutely , positively, perfect.

  4. Lori says:

    Woah!! This is exceptional, fantabulous and extra amazing!

    • Hi Lori. Again, I don’t know why I thought everyone had already seen this. The point was to add a little balance to my dragon-obsessed work. I’m really happy you didn’t miss it. I do kind of like this piece. Take care

  5. HEHEHE, Haggis IS a grotesque food….heeheh a scottish food made of horrible bits of organs etc but it is also considered like a mythical animal of sorts and because there is no such creature, you have full license to make it up to look like any creature in your head….that is why it is an exciting venture and challenge….:) x

  6. Leisa says:

    Your creations are just plain fantastic and I love looking at them.Thank You..

  7. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Dan. I want you to know that I always smile when I see how you bring the characters to life out of this medium. Always inspired is how I feel when I see your artwork.

  8. Sue Pearson "Suz" says:

    Whoa, Quite the guy there! looks like alot of work and has your style for sure, He’s a good change to see and show your versatility! We all know you have that though… You are a workin manaic Dan! So glad you are retired!

  9. Nacho says:

    yep, I saw him in facebook, but never here. Wonderful! Do you keep all these creatures in your basement or are you allowed to show them to the regular visitors in you house? 🙂 Either way, I bet your house is way cooler than Madame Tussauds museum could ever dream of!

    • Hey Nacho. I have projects all over the house. Not ceremoniously displayed either. Just laying around till I can find a spot for them. I’m like a hoarder but it’s all my own art. It is a bit strange. Nice to hear from you! Hope you are well.

  10. Lyman says:

    Wow, what a beast! I love the musculature and expression.

  11. andres melo lopez says:

    Excellent Dan gets a hug from your friend Andres de Poza Rica, Veracruz. Mexico

    Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 00:54:24 +0000 To:

  12. Stella says:

    This is great, I hadn’t seen this project before.

  13. D. L. Cook says:

    Love it! I am getting very inspired by your work. I am going to order your book in a couple of days (Need credit card to role over from last month’s expense
    of two cats with abscessed teeth).

  14. laura says:

    Awesome work as always

  15. myeagermind says:

    What awesome creativity. I would love one of these. I would love to blog on you.

  16. Quilty says:

    You make awesome dragons! Im going to buy your book! (maybe also about the monsters) But please tell me where do you buy those eyes? They are fantastic!

  17. Carol says:

    Crikey! I missed this too! Dan, he’s really cool and just perfect!

  18. Grumpmeister Fink says:

    Love the work still, do you by any chance remember the website that you got those spherical eyes from?

    • Hey there. You know, I don’t remember exactly. But there are only three or four companies I use. My problem is that I buy lots of eyes then throw them in a pile to be used at some point. If you google “taxidermy eyes” you will see those companies. There aren’t that many eyes. They are bound to stick out. Sorry.

  19. Grumpmeister Fink says:

    That’s ok, thanks for the tip keep up the wonderful work.

  20. Ewa Pantak says:

    Fantastyczne prace ! Beautifule 🙂

  21. dean haseloff says:

    G’day mate. Love your work. I have been working with paper machete for a couple of years but I had no idea how far you could take it. Do you have any instructional videos? Awesome work

    • Hello Dean. I have a mask tutorial on Youtube which shows much of what I do. I have how-to books. And my blog ( which shows many of my pieces being made step-by step. It is all there. Good luck with your art!

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