Something for Cecil – A Paper Mache Trophy of Killer Dentist, Walter Palmer

Hello all.   I’ve been very busy making art.   I’m still working on my dragon-like dragonfly.  And I’m also working on a five-headed dragon trophy commission for a restaurant in Georgia.  I’m taking photos and shooting video of it all.  I promise I’ll share.  I just haven’t had the time to both work and share.   I know you understand.    Still, despite being  very busy, I just had to find the time to make a special trophy.   In memory of that beautiful lion, Cecil.   Like 95% of the planet, I too am disgusted by the actions of Walter Palmer.   It’s unbelievable that humans can be so cruel.    He tortured Cecil because he hunts with a bow, and he’s a lousy shot.   So Cecil suffered for two days before Palmer finished him off with a gun.   Palmer and his guide said that they were horrified when they found Cecil’s chip (as they were cutting off his head).   But that didn’t stop them from taking the head, skinning him, and leaving the carcass on the side of the road.   This shouldn’t surprise anyone.  He has also killed other lions, giraffe’s, and a white rhino.

There is so little any one person can do to stop this kind of cruelty.   So this is my little protest.    If you want to see the video of this being made, just click on the photo.

PS.   Please don’t leave any comments in support of Walter Palmer.   I don’t care if he’s a great dentist.    Who would want to get a crown from a psychopath?

Paper Mache Killer Dentist

Killer Dentist Walter Palmer

See you soon!

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53 Responses to Something for Cecil – A Paper Mache Trophy of Killer Dentist, Walter Palmer

  1. Bonnie Merchant says:


    Bonnie Merchant


  2. Carol says:

    Perfect, Dan! Hard to believe there are people out there who do this for pleasure. Thank you for doing this for Cecil.

  3. V says:


  4. D. L. Cook says:

    Dan, Should have left my comment here instead of your FB page. All I said was, I wish it was his real head and then got called a really sick person. I was only musing. Won’t be commenting on anything this controversial there again. Great job, by the way!

  5. Lesley says:

    Very witty Dan, and if it wasn’t so “UGLY” I would have a go at making one myself. I must add, the trophy isn’t ugly, but all that it represents is. RIP Cecil, you are not forgotten. Great job as usual Dan.

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! Fabulous work! Also, don’t forget that those walking turds tried to destroy the tracking collar once they had it off of Cecil. Guilty conscience, or a criminal act? Either way, he should pay with his life, be it in prison or stuffed in a lion cage somewhere.

    • Thanks Creepy. To tell you the truth, I think he’s paid a rather high price. His business is closed. He’s in hiding. I hope he can no longer afford to indulge in this hobby. That would be good news for other beautiful animals. Perhaps he should take up paper mache. Then he could have a dragon over the mantle!

  7. glofirebug says:

    Beautiful Dan!! Near your best piece yet! ha
    Hope all is well with you & yours. After I retire next month I hope to actually finish my Dragon!!! 😃. Keep the projects and updates coming. Love Love your work!!!

  8. Cheryl Thompson says:

    I freakin’ LOVE IT! Dan, you totally bagged this guy, pardon the pun.
    Please the great work coming!
    You are my most favorite Monter Maker- although the real monsters, need to be called out. Thank you for this one. You speak for many of us with is piece.

    • Thanks Cheryl. I had a blog called “Paper Mache Pigs” where I put the heads of financial criminals, the ones that brought down the economy, on pig bodies. It was fun. It got lost when my blog host disappeared. It was nice to do caricature again. It’s a real challenge artistically.

  9. Mona kelpinski says:

    Love it!Does he have real teeth?

    • Hey Mona. Yes this is real teeth from my dwindling stash. I still have some of the great teeth you sent me. I used some on the political donkey I made. Saving the rest for something really cool.

  10. Bridget cheverton says:

    Dito to all coments re this bad nut job of aperson, your spot on re his head, on the chopping block I say.

  11. Karina says:

    Love this for what about Sabrina Corgatelli? She is just as bad as Palmer.

    • Sorry, don’t know her. I’ll check it out. Thanks Karina.

    • Just looked up this Sabrina. She’s another hideous creature. She posted a photo of herself sitting with a dead gazelle saying “What a beautiful animal!” Unbelievable. It was beautiful….I think I’ll kill it. Something really wrong in her head (we know she has no heart).

  12. winky23 says:

    Dan, this is a beautifully grotesque depiction of a real monster. Thank you on behalf of Cecil!

    • Thank you Winky. It had to be done. You know, Cecil didn’t die in vain. The world-wide attention this has brought is amazing. Now many countries are outlawing the import and export of these trophies. That’s a small consolation.

  13. marthabernice says:

    Yes, absolutly perfect ! Thank you !

  14. Dan, thank you for taking the time to employ your unique talents. This captures the hideous essence of the monster who wantonly murdered a beautiful soul for sport. May he receive every scrap of what Karma brings.

  15. Phyl says:

    Dan, you are simply fabulous. The question is, now that you have made that hideous trophy (I hope you dragged him for miles, first), what the heck do you DO with it? Can’t imagine anyone wants to have to look at his face every day, even mounted.

    • Hey Phyl. You are right. My wife pointed that out. I have another one of these in my studio. Years ago there was a newspaper article about a guy who lives up here and hunts these trophies. He has hundreds, including elephants (he had elephant feet waste baskets!). His photo was in the article so I made his caricature and put it on a plaque. I showed it at a fair and the guy came by. No words were exchanged, but he wasn’t happy. I’ll just hang this guy in some corner. Thanks for the support as always.

  16. Beth says:

    Perfect way to show support for Cecil! May I share this on my Facebook account or a link to your account? Thank you for sharing your art.

  17. Lori says:

    It is sad that there are people so horrible in the world. Poor Cecil!
    Is it not tempting to throw darts at this?
    Maybe you could make a paper mâché lion with his claws inches from this guy’s face, ready to exact his revenge?

  18. exxona says:

    ADD THE ARROW! Great sculpt. You need to add the arrow he put into Cecil. Put his right through the head. I am not sorry if this thought offends anyone. What goes around should come around, Palmer deserves to get what he gave. Really, is there any difference between James Holmes and humans like Walter Palmer? Something in them makes them want to kill. Thanks for doing what you do monsterman.

    • Thank you Exxona! I thought about the arrow. But just having the head on the plaque was a simpler, more direct analogy I think. I think the karma is taking care of Palmer. Soon he won’t be able to afford another hunt like that. And he’ll be hounded by photographers if he ever tries to do it again. He won’t be able to hunt ever again without the world watching. I know that this will be taken badly by some, but I don’t think there is much difference in the psyche of someone cutting off Cecil’s head and the ISIS psychopaths. Both have stones where their hearts should be.

  19. Person says:

    Cecil wasnt a person. He was a lion. People are acting like he went out to africa and shot a child or a newborn baby. It was a lion! I admit, just skinning it and leaving it on the side of the road was a little insulting. Hopefully his carcass had a good use or somebody else used it, but this is ridiculous. He was not a person, stop acting like he is. Its no different than shooting a cow. It was harsh, letting him suffer for two days, but still. What if i were to see a trademark cow or something and i didnt know and i shot it. Will it be the same as shooting a person? So grow up, stop thinking it is, and MOVE ON. Leaving now. By the way, im a big fan of your paper mache dragons. Cant wait for new videos.

    • Hello “Person”. I hate to be so blunt. But this is a very low level argument. No one has equated the killing of this lion to the killing of humans. Well, except you. You are the one who thinks people are responding that way. I am certainly not. This head is made of paper mache. Paper mache. It is not real. It is an effigy. It falls squarely within a very long tradition of using art to express outrage. To compare a paper mache head on a wall to the real Cecil’s head on a wall…..well, there is no comparison. One is art. The other is an unbelievably cruel act by a rich, privileged white man who thinks he can do whatever he wants wherever he wants. To lure a protected animal from his sanctuary and kill it in this way shows that this guy has no heart. And apparently, you don’t either. If you don’t have the empathy required to understand the nature of this act, then it can’t be explained to you.
      Btw, I have no love for our meat industry. I don’t eat the stuff. If every “trademark cow” was shot with an arrow, left to suffer horribly for two days, and then left to rot on the side of the road after only the head was harvested, then I daresay even you might not support that industry. Sorry. I warned you not to write on my blog in support of this man.

  20. Rich Dragon says:

    Will Never Commission for art! why you may ask? okay first off huge Dragon fan – So let’s see. You enjoy making head mounts of Dragons. Yet I find that very offensive! and personally pisses me off. So with that – maybe you get my point. I could easily make a drawing of you being killed by a dragon or make a huge sculpture or 2D disney animation or 3D animation of a dragon killing you in horrible ways. But I am not going to waste my time and be a hypocrite like you are. Thanks

    • You do realize that 1) dragons aren’t real, 2) that I didn’t kill any of these imaginary animals, these are made of paper mache, and 3) there was a zero chance you’d ever get one of my dragons anyway. If it makes you feel better, you can pretend that my dragons come alive at night and eat me!

  21. Grumpmeister Fink says:

    Lots of differing opinions on this piece… but it does what paper mache should do, it lets the artist express themselves. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let people who are against it stop you.

    • You are always such a nice person Grumpmeister! I really appreciate it. I don’t really have a choice. You know what I mean. If something germinates and it starts coming out, it’s impossible to put the cork back in the bottle. I knew this might ruffle some feathers. But that’s okay.
      Take care

  22. Stella says:

    I just saw the video of you making this on YouTube, and I think it’s great! What an excellent response to the death of Cecil. I like the caricature, and now that I think about it I remember enjoying your paper mache pigs too. A lot of people have had a lot to say about Palmer and Cecil, but I think your take on it is the best I’ve seen. Poor Cecil!

    • Hi Stella. So nice to hear from you! I hope you have been working. I’ve been doing a lot of working and not very much posting. Sometimes you just have to work. But I’ll eventually post it all. I had to make an exception for this dentist. I had to do something. And since I do art, this is about all I can do. It’s ironic that everyone on the planet is looking for him. The hunter is now the hunted….as it should be.l Glad you like it.
      And yes, it was fun to do caricature again. It’s always a challenge. This isn’t the best I’ve done, but I think it’s a decent likeness considering how few photos there are of this guy.
      Thanks for stopping by

      • Stella says:

        Hi Dan. Yep, I’ve been working on a couple of things I think might turn out interesting. I hope to have a couple of new posts up on the blog soon.

      • Excellent. I just have to get better about posting! I have a dragon-like dragon fly that is coming along well. And I’m making a five headed dragon trophy for a restaurant in Georgia. Good luck with your pieces Stella!

  23. Robin Koontz says:

    Perhaps he can be a piñata? Filled with animal crackers….Anyway, love your work and this is a perfect tribute to a criminal, who I guess is back to work now and not even being charged. Thanks for your Facebook post today, I’d lost track so will follow this blog instead. Looking forward to the new dragon project!

    • Hi Robin. Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, I don’t know why people would want a psychopath as their dentist. I’m glad you will be following my progress on this new project. Take care

  24. Elise says:

    Hi Dan, as a Minnesotan, I applaud your awesome creation! You know, Palmer is back at work now. Gotta wonder how many clients he lost. The only good that came of it (other than your sculpture) was that it started a dialogue about big-game hunting, animal rights, etc. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are an inspiration!!

    • Hi Elise Thanks for the nice note. I’ve learned one thing about exposure, it brings out people on all sides. He probably lost some clients but undoubtedly picked some up as well. There are so many people who associated the criticism of what he did as some kind of attack on guns. That’s what Trump did when it was brought up that his sons are both big game hunters. Trump’s response was, “They like their guns!” Of course Cecil probably liked her head. Take care

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