Egads! I think I confused many people with my last post.

My last post was a hail Mary post aimed solely at a woman from South America who wrote to me asking for advice about making a paper mache tree.   I accidentally erased her email because it was a large file with photos.   I did not lose anyone else’s emails.   I have now received a few emails worried that they were no longer on my email list.   Actually, I do not maintain an email list of any kind.   The woman’s email I lost was in my inbox.

So sorry for the confusion.  Unless you are the woman from South America (she didn’t sign it with her name, just that she was from South America) then don’t worry.  Nothing has changed.

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6 Responses to Egads! I think I confused many people with my last post.

  1. megarvey says:

    I thought it was great. After the confusion past (because I read the whole post), I really appreciated the fact that you cared enough about helping to reach out like that 🙂

  2. Anne Flint says:

    seems like if you deleted it, it should be in the trash, where you could retrieve it. Unless, of course you deleted your trash.

    • The free email that came with my domain,, has a limit for how much memory I can use. I get warnings when I’m going to exceed it. Some days I get many emails with photos from people wanting advice or wanting me to put their photos on my website. When someone sends me an email with lots of photos I almost always download the photos to my computer, open a “reply” file and save it as a draft until I can respond (the attachments don’t save with the drafts), then delete the original file with photos. I say I “almost” because this day I thought I’d saved all the drafts, but hadn’t saved hers. And yes, I delete the trash too, otherwise the memory is still encumbered. A very convoluted process to save memory with that antiquated email.

  3. jose luis martinez says:

    Do you have a school to go to…

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