Paper Mache Ice Dragon – Even More About Jaws

I know what you are thinking…..fergodssake!  More about jaws!  Yep.  This is the last one, I promise. 

As you know I decided to use blue l.e.d. lights with this project.  Normally I would bunch lights and put them in the back of the jaws.  But these jaws will be more closed, so I’m trying something different.   I really want the icy teeth to reflect the blue light.   So I punched holes in the jaws and inserted the l.e.d.s into them. 

paper mache jaws with lights  poking holes for lights

paper mache jaws with lights  poking leds in the jaw

Then I taped the loose wires on the outside.  

paper mache jaws with lights  taped

What is great about this is that these l.e.d.s blend into the jaws when they are off.

paper mache jaws with lights  off

paper mache jaws with lights

 And when they are on, they do a nice job of reflecting the light, just as I wanted.   

paper mache jaws with lights final

The real fun is coming soon.   Assembly.

Thanks for stopping by!

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26 Responses to Paper Mache Ice Dragon – Even More About Jaws

  1. Bridget says:

    Okay, now you’re just showing off! 🙂 j/k

  2. Janet post says:

    Coool. Awesome idea

  3. Christine Miller says:

    I may have missed it,but what brand/ type of resin seems to work best?

    • Hi Christine. I’m using “Clear Lite Casting Resin”. I get it at TAP Plastics.

      • Christine Miller says:

        Awesome. I will have to see if I can get some- your project made me re-think a project I’ve been stalled on and I’d like to see if I could use your technique to make some horns and spines in a similar manner. We’ll see how it goes! Locally the CLear Cast resin that the stores sell is okay but veery touch mixture wise and always bubbles even though it isn’t supposed to, even with the trick of carefully using a heat gun to try and get them to rise out.

      • You can get a lot of the bubbles out by poking it with wire before it sets. And of course stirring carefully. I’m sure you have done those things.

  4. Suze Waltisbuhl says:

    Please don’t be sorry about doing more jaws. I get so inspired with what you do and have started my first paper Mache Dragon. I make cloth dragons for a while now and even design my own patterns, so this is another out let for my passion and love of Dragons. keep inspiring us rally we love it.

  5. Michelle Ledford says:

    I can never get bored with your posts! I think you and your work is amazing and i would love to be able to do something like the dragons you do. I have bought the books but still fail miserably. You are an inspiration though so i will keep trying. Thank you for everything!

    Sent from my iPad

  6. David White says:

    Ok Dan this Beastie is starting to look quite freaky lol.

  7. Sandra Dunn says:

    Love, love, love your work.

  8. Sue Pearson says:

    That looks fabulous! What a great idea to show off those ice cool teeth!!

  9. Carol says:

    Brilliant! Love the jaws, love the lights, never get tired of your posts, Dan!

  10. Stella says:

    Wow, the combo of resin teeth and blue LEDs is absolutely spectacular!

  11. Ann wright says:

    Looking awesome, can’t wait to see the rest.

  12. Tim Parton says:

    Man, Dan you are just so creative and you make this look so easy. 3 cheers man! Well done so far!

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