Paper Mache Drogon (Young Adult Version) Video

Hi all.  It always takes me more time than I expect to get these videos finished.  Of course, life has a way of getting in the way.     You all know what to expect of these videos.  So ignore this post if you don’t want to see another paper mache dragon being made!   But if you do, just click on the photo.   And remember to watch in HD.

Paper Mache Drogon

The next video will be here soon, mid-April to be exact.  That will be when the Dragon Master Foundation will launch the raffle to win the dragon I made for them (along with a spectacular co-prize…you just have to wait!  But trust me.).    Information coming soon about how to win and support the great cause of fighting cancer.

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I've been a paper mache artist for many years. Visit my website for instructional videos, galleries, and everything else paper mache. Or visit my WebPress blog,
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36 Responses to Paper Mache Drogon (Young Adult Version) Video

  1. haynesd91 says:

    Hello my name is Dakota. It is exciting to know what you do and how. I have completed my own version of a dragon and I would like your permission to post it or have it posted on your blog. I hope it is good enough. Thank you

  2. carlos says:

    que le pones a la lengua para que brille tanto al final Dan? y en los dientes? ese liquido que es?

  3. carlos says:

    por cierto, lastima que en le video no se vea como le haces la nariz al dragon…

  4. Glen Cameron says:

    You are truly an amazing man. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. Lori says:

    Trying to rely on McDonald’s wifi to watch the video is not working out that well! (I am away from my computer but wanted to watch it).
    Congratulations on being involved with the foundation to raise money for cancer.
    Both my Dad and sister died of cancer. Our son has been tested multiple times but has so far been clear.
    Is this raffle open to Canadians too?

    Great work as always!

  6. Carol says:

    Great video, of course, Dan! I got sidetracked and watched another half dozen while I was there. I never get tired of watching you work your magic on paper and cloth. Just amazing. Carol

    • Hey Carol. Good to hear from you! You are too funny! Sometimes I do wonder if I need to mix it up a little, try a different format. But in the end I guess I just want people to see the project grow. So I really appreciate a comment like this! Hope you are well and making lots of art!

  7. Elizabeth Allen says:

    I love your paper mâché doesn’t matter how long it takes. I’m very greatful that you care to share.


  8. carlos says:

    veo que los dientes tienen todos mas o menos el mismo tamaño, me podias decir Dan cuanto miden de largo en “cm” porfavor

  9. carlos says:

    y otra cosa,,, entre el cuello y la cabeza que es los que pones para que asienten bien las mandibulas?

  10. tvail777 says:

    He is so awesome. Love the video. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and ideas. God bless. Cannot wait to see the next one. 🙂

  11. carlos says:

    bueno veo que no hay respuestas,gracias de todas formas!

    • Ya he respondido muchas preguntas Carlos. Pero usted tiene una o más preguntas cada día. Yo no tengo el tiempo para explicar todos los detalles de cada proyecto. El tamaño de sus dientes son para que usted decida. Usted no necesita mis medidas. Si Usted debería considerar la compra de mi libro. Se le dirá todo lo que quieres saber. Por eso lo escribí. buena suerte

  12. Stella says:

    Wow, this is fantastic! The red wash really gives the colours depth and brings out the details, and the colouring is beautiful. The scales look great too.

  13. Sue Pearson "Suz" says:

    Every new project you do seems to be my new favorite, this one is fantastic, I love the colors! I may have seen it somewhere, but didn’t find the answer, what were the spitwads made of, glue and paper? or a mix with dry premade/boughten paper mache? Thanks Dan!

    • Hey Suz. Glad you like this one. Those spitwads are just lightly mashed paper with white glue and a little flour. I rolled them into balls and squished them on. I do like the effect. I’ll have to use that again. Always nice to hear from you!

  14. Your sculptures are absolutely amazing and have certainly inspired me to try as well! I’m doing a mask right now to try out the techniques before moving on to something more advanced. I’m curious though, do you know roughly how many layers of paper you put on something before you think it’s sturdy enough? I think I’ve got something like 10-12 layers on the mask right now, but it’s still quite thin and feels a bit brittle.

    Also, when you do the cloth mache, do you mix the glue with water before drenching the cloth in it, or is it just cloth and glue?

    • Hi Erika. Wow, that is a lot of layers. I think I get 5 or 6 max. It can take three of four days to dry. Maybe it’s just not dry yet. I use the glue full strength with the cloth. Good luck!

  15. txella says:

    Hello, Dan. I just discovered you via your fantastic cat-architecture video on YT! Very inspirational.
    I’m also a PM lover and am in true awe of your creations. Question: my nearly 11yo daughter has been a natural sculptor of animal figures in mostly clay. I’d like to present her with some opportunities to go a bit bigger scale, if she desires, via paper mâché. She’s particularly fond of deer and recently gargoyles. What approach and/or recipe might you recommend to her?
    I’ve only done bowls, a mask, and a lifelike cat– but that was years ago and I sorely crave to resume creating— that said, as I’d fancy creating alongside her.
    I would appreciate any tips. If we were in the NW, is love to loo you up and meet; you have a perfect wacky sense of humor and generous spirit.
    Peace from Austin!

    • Hello Txella. I think a first project is always about learning techniques. I wouldn’t suggest a deer as first project. She would be likely to focus on how much it doesn’t look like a deer. Some for horses and other real animals. Gargoyles would be better. I had my students make monsters first, just because thew were “goof proof.” No one can say that the horns are in the wrong place. I use just flour and water for my paste and newspaper strips. I sculpt with the paper mache pieces using masking tape. I add a “skin” of cloth (old bed sheets) dipped in Elmer’s glue after sculpting. The youngest group of kids I’ve done this with is 5th graders, and that was a bit of a challenge. So help by you is recommended. If you look at the projects in this blog it will help you. One of my books would too, although it’s not absolutely necessary. Good luck to you both!

  16. Vivian Grey says:

    Awesome. I’m working on trying to do my very own dragon similar to this and so far so good but I’m having trouble finding some plaques. Could you link or tell me some good plaque websites?

  17. C8lin says:

    Hi! I got your book for Christmas and am slowly collecting newspaper and other supplies for my first attempt! I really like the scales on this dragon, but I don’t believe they are in the book. Do you describe how to make them somewhere else?

  18. Cristina Moreno says:

    Hola!! Me ha encantado tu vídeo. Me ha venido genial para coger ideas para un raptor blue que quiere mi sobrino de 4 años. ¿Qué tipo de pintura usas?¿Con qué material haces los dientes y cuernos? Me fascinan tus trabajos!!!! Un saludo.

    • Hola Christina. Uso pinturas de uso múltiple que compro en la ferretería. Nada especial. Cualquier pintura a base de agua funcionará. Hago los dientes de arcilla polimérica como Fimo o Sculpey. ¡Buena suerte!

  19. Sherry Nowack says:

    Hello! I’ve been making a dragon (with your amazing book as a guide!) I was wondering how you made the material for the scales in the young Drogon trophy. Thanks!

    • Hello Sherry. That is a version of “paper clay”. There are many recipes and they all work fine. I mashed some toilet paper and added white glue. Then I added enough commercial “Celluclay” to make it like dough. That is what I stretched onto the Drogon trophy. Good luck!

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