Paper Mache Dragonfly – More about the wings

Just a quick update with my dragon-like dragon fly project.    I finished the structure of all of my wings.   Here is one pair.  The other pair is the same.  I like the look.

paper mache dragonfly- final structure2

I started playing with different coverings.   To do this I made smaller mock-up structures just for experimenting.   First I tried the two varieties of sheer cloth I mentioned earlier.  One was purple-ish.   The other was very shiny.   They actually don’t look too bad in this photo.  But in person I really didn’t like the look of either.  The purple was too dark, and the shiny cloth looked too industrial.

paper mache dragonfly- practice purple and shiny

I also played with dryer sheets (on the left of this mock-up wing) and regular tissue paper.   Hated both.

paper mache dragonfly- practice tissue and dryer sheet

So I went to a fancy pants paper store close to where I live.   I found this tissue paper that has little strands of cloth in it.   I really like it.   It’s light.  It shows off the structure of the wings.   And it is just more organic.

paper mache dragonfly- cool paper

I need to trim the wings and add a layer on the back side.   But here is what it looks like on a wing.

paper mache dragonfly- best tissue paper

Yes, I’ve done some work on the body and head too!   I’ll post about those parts very soon.

Meanwhile, just reminding everyone that the drawing for my two dragons is coming soon, on June 15.  If you haven’t entered to win, please do.  It’s to support a great cause.  I want these two dragons to go home with nice people, people that care.  Like all of you!   You are the best.   If you have family or friends who don’t know about this drawing, please share either of these two videos.  and

They can enter at the Dragon Master Foundation site,  here .   Again, these people are the best.  ALL of the proceeds go to the cause.  No one gets paid on this foundation.  I choose them because they are the best, the most caring of all the organizations.  Truly.  Thank you to all who have supported!

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10 Responses to Paper Mache Dragonfly – More about the wings

  1. Lori says:

    Great choice for the wings. They are going to be fantastic!

  2. Carol says:

    Looking so good, Dan. That paper is beautiful on the wings – so looking forward to seeing them attached to another masterpiece!

  3. Nacho says:

    Agreed, they are going to look brilliant. Did you soak the paper in white glue like you’d do if it was cloth?
    BTW, I tried to enter the drawing for the Dragon Master Foundation but it kept giving me errors with the credit card. I guess it was because I wasn’t using an american card…Hey, but I tried 🙂

    • Hey Nacho. I brushed glue onto the structure first, then laid the paper on top, and brushed glue over it. I think they turned out well. Thanks for trying to support the cancer cause! Sorry, they had to limit the campaign to the US. They did that partly because of shipping costs, but also because of the laws that regulate charitable drawings. But I appreciate you trying!

  4. johnk. says:

    Nice! Have you thought of using any glitter for that iridescant effect?

  5. Grumpmeister Fink says:

    Hi dan, just thought I would tell you that I’m glad the fundraiser was a sucsess. I just got the rewards items and im very happy with how they turned out. Hope the dragonfly dragon turns out good too, keep making great art.

    • Thanks Grumpmeister! I wish it had raised more money than it did. But I would wish that no matter how much it made for the foundation. I’m working on a big commission along with the dragonfly. I realize that I need to post more often. You are always very kind. Talk to you later.

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