Paper Mache Dragon-like Cat Project…some assembly

Time for a little assembly.   First the body.  I wanted two parts for the body, a barrel chest and a hind quarter.   So I cut off the end of the “body” ball and insert a smaller ball into it.

assemble paper mache balls

Then taped.

paper mache pieces put together

I trimmed the excess hanger from the appendages I made.

trim paper mache legs

I started with the back legs.  I cut holes for the legs and inserted the backs of the legs into the holes.  Then added masking tape.

add paper mache back legs

As I’ve said a dillion times before, I love having clothes hangers inside the appendages.  I make cuts and then bend them into the positions I want.  The hangers insure that they stay where I want them.  Then I patch with tape.  Note that I cut the legs at the knees and patched.

bend paper mache legs

Then I added the front legs.  After that I cut a hole for the “neck” piece.

cut hole for paper mache neck

I put it in and taped it.

add paper mache neck

I did the same with the tail.

add paper mache tail

And here’s how it looks at this very early stage.  I have to say at this point that I don’t sit around worrying about how the finished piece will look.  Beyond just knowing I want it to stand, I don’t worry about details yet.   I put on the appendages knowing I can change everything later if I choose.   You can drive yourself crazy if you overthink it at this stage.

paper mache cat so far

More later.

By the way….here is a small side note.   I got a notice on Google alert about my dragon-making book.  It was being offered on a site called “”.    I think most any media you search for lately will take you to this site.  It purports to offer you unlimited (albeit stolen) entertainment.   I don’t think you actually get any media once you enter your credit card information.  What you get is unauthorized charges on your card.    I know this because I did a quick Google search “geeker scam”.   I went to their Facebook page and added some comments.  But they were all deleted quickly.  Please don’t fall for this scam!  Just had to say.

Thanks as always for stopping by.

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22 Responses to Paper Mache Dragon-like Cat Project…some assembly

  1. deborah boyd says:

    looking forward to seeing the finished product

  2. Sue says:

    It’s look GOOD! But what else would we expect from the MonsterMan???

  3. Sue says:

    Ack! “It’s LOOKING good!” I’m sure that I spelled it right……. faulty keyboard. Yeah, that’s it!

  4. Barbara Sutton says:

    That cat is looking pretty good, I agree with Sue what else can we expect from the Monster Man!!!

  5. Sparky says:

    Great progress! I like the pose you’ve got going on the body. Don’t get too down about your book being pirated, my work has also been stolen on occasion by sites like that. All you can do is send cease-and-desist letters, try to contact their ISPs, and then try to feel flattered that your content is so desirable that others want to pretend it’s theirs (’cause the other two options probably didn’t work, lol). 😉

    • Thank you Sparky! Not sure if it will stay in that pose. We’ll see as I get further along. About that site, I’m not sure if my book is actually even available to a subscriber. From what I’ve read when investigating there is very little content, if any. They just immediately start charging the credit cards once they get the information. People realize they’ve been had almost immediately. Other than passing the word, I don’t know what I can do. I have no idea who pays attention to fraud on the internet.

  6. Lynn Sprinkle says:

    Excited to see it completed! And thank you for the scam alert! Some people!!!

    • Thank you Lynn. Glad you like this so far. And thanks for the note about the scam alert. I wish there was more I could do. I have no idea who, if anyone, monitors fraud on the internet.

  7. Lori says:

    This is looking very intriguing!
    Always nice to see your work in progress.

  8. Carol says:

    Headless cat looking great, Dan! And thanks for the scam advice. Carol

    • Thanks Carol. Perhaps I overreact to things. It’s no surprise when sites like that pop up. But it really bothers me, beyond just using my book as a lure when they don’t actually offer it (much less intend to offer royalties to me or any other content provider). I’ve been hacked a couple of times and had attempts from people trying to steal my identity. It’s all infuriating. What’s a bummer is that I know that whoever set it up will make a lot of money before the page/website is taken down. I don’t even know if it will be taken down. I don’t think there are internet police out there. Take care

  9. cristina says:

    gracias ojala que vengas por Argentina Buenos Aires

  10. Tamara Dodge says:

    There are two things I am curious a out. What do you use for teeth…do you make them, and around the mouth it looks like a type of gauze or felt is used, is that correct?

    • Hello Tamara. I make teeth, and horns and claws, out of Fimo or Sculpey. It is polymer clay that you bake in the oven. After sculpting with paper mache I add a “skin” of cloth (bed sheets) dipped in white glue. That is what you see in the mouth as well.

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