Paper Mache Ice Dragon – More horns and some teeth

As I said, I’ve been busy with the clear resin.   I made more horns of various sizes.   I don’t know if this will be enough.  I’ll make more if needed.      I also made some teeth (I’ll show you how next post).    Before showing you those I want to say that I’ve made teeth out of many different substances over the years.   I’ve used regular, fired and glazed clay.  I’ve carved them out of wood.   And I’ve used actual teeth.   For a time I was selling to a lot of dentists.   And every so often I’d get an anonymous box of teeth in the mail, teeth pulled from humans.   They are pretty cool for human-like projects.  And sometimes I would turn them over and use the roots for a dragon or some other beast.   But I mostly use polymer clay nowadays.  Some examples in the photo below:  Pearl Fimo (top row), Florescent Fimo (second row), black Sculpey (third row), cow teeth (fourth row), and human teeth (last row).  However, I won’t be using any of those this time.

various teeth

This time I wanted teeth that, like the horns, are made of ice, only I wanted them to be very smooth.   So I needed better molds.   I bought some alginate, the same stuff your dentist uses to make molds of your mouth.   It’s fun to use, just add water and work fast.    I mixed the alginate and pushed in some Fimo teeth, then pulled them out after the alginate set.   

alginate teeth in mold

teeth mold finished

I filled them with the clear resin and let them sit overnight.   They still had the waxy coating when I pulled them out of the mold.  (Sorry, the photo is really out of focus.  It happens once in a while.)   It took a few days to cure.   

adding resin to teeth teeth out of mold

Like the horns, I think they turned out beautifully, exactly as I wanted.  

cool resin teeth

As I mentioned in a previous post, I also wanted to make some crystal clear resin eyes.   I used the alginate to make those as well.  I used impressions of a couple different eyes from my stash.   

cool resin teeth

More later.

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14 Responses to Paper Mache Ice Dragon – More horns and some teeth

  1. Lori says:

    Great experiments going on here!
    Glad you are around, still making fantastic projects and always getting better.

  2. childscry says:

    Is resin expensive? Those teeth are so cool!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Diane SORENSEN says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this new adventure of yours.

  4. Hetty says:

    Great looking teeth Dan.

  5. Lesley Armstrong says:

    Lookin’ great Dan, can’t wait to see him finished.
    Lesley from Australia.

  6. Stella says:

    WOW! Your experiments with casting resin for this project blow me away. Those horns and teeth just look so good. It’s going to be fantastic when it’s finished.

  7. Ravyn says:

    You do amazing work. I’m working through my Halloween costume that I will be somewhat building. I’m going as the animated maleficent but only half, the other will be her dragon and so I’m reading as much info as I can about techniques and materials and your info keeps coming up the most. I’m astonished by your work and I hope if I do manage to pull this off I might not only do you proud but win a costume contest 😁

    • Hello Ravyn. Thank you for the kind words. I’m very flattered. Sounds like you have a very interesting, and challenging, Halloween project! I’m a little confused about the half human, half dragon part. I’m sure it will be incredible. Yes, I would love to see what you end up with! I’d be happy to put photos on my site if you are interested. Just let me know. Good luck to you! And have fun!

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