Paper Mache Ice Dragon – Mount the head, add eyes and nostrils

Head Mount- Eyes and Nose

I know it’s been a little while since I posted last.   But I am posting almost real time and I need to work before posting.  Thank you for your patience (except for the guy who wanted to know when the video would be done.  🙂  Of course I’m just like that myself.  I want what I want, now.).  

So I left off having securely attached the neck to the wood plaque.  

neck on plaque

Time to start the real fun.  First, I attached the bottom and top jaws to the neck using lots of masking tape.  

taping on the paper mache jaws

Next, I added some cheeks.  This is just wadded paper wrapped with masking tape.   For these details I really like phone book paper.  It compresses nicely. 

Add cheeks  

Next, I added the eyes.   After experimenting with all the eye candidates, putting them on, taking them off, putting them back on, taking them back off, eating cookies, putting them on, taking them off, I decided I liked the ones I made with the clear casting resin.   They look the best with lights behind them.  I think they also look the best without the lights on, and since the trophy will spend most of the time without the lights on, this was the deciding factor.  I did make a slight change to them however.  I used a Drummel to grind a small groove where the lens would be.  Then I roughed up the part that would be the irises.   I’m happy with the look.

resin eyes 

First I hot glued some foil where the eyes would go to help reflect the light forward.  I glued the little clump of lights (nine I think) in place then used masking tape to secure the eyes in front of the lights.   

adding the lights behind the eyes

adding clear cast eyes

Then I fashioned some thick eye brows and taped them on.   

adding brows

So here is the basic head.  

mounted paper mache head

I also decided to add some nostrils with a few lights inside.  This time I used aluminum foil to create the basic shape.  

Add foil nostrils

Nostrils with lights on

Thanks for stopping by.  Horns next!

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2 Responses to Paper Mache Ice Dragon – Mount the head, add eyes and nostrils

  1. Lesley Armstrong says:

    Can’t wait to see it lit up on the wall. Coming along beautifully, hurry up, we want to see it before Christmas. Lol

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