Paper Mache Drogon: Young Adult Version- horns and nose

Hi everyone.   Here is just a quick update on my latest paper mache Drogon.   I’m not as far along on this as I should be.   The reason is the usual one; I started a couple of other projects.   My “Paper Mache Art” Facebook group is running a “Screamer Challenge” so I needed to get something started there (since this originates from my first book, The Simple Screamer: A Guide to the Art of Papier and Cloth Mache (1984)).    There are no rules or prizes.   A simple monster is all that is required.   Participants will just post there monsters before Halloween.   There is no telling how many people will actually make a monster to post.   It always sounds like such a good idea six months before.  I still enjoy making simple monsters once in a while, so it’s not a burden.  And I started another fun, non-dragon project.   The only hint I’ll give is that it starts with sea.  Sorry, I’m not taking video or photos of these builds.   But I’ll take some at the end when they are finished.  Sometimes it’s just really nice to work without bumping into cameras.

Meanwhile, back to Drogon.  I finished adding the horns.   It looks like I just plopped them on randomly.   But I didn’t.   I used a very careful process.   First I put some on.  Then I took some off.  Then I added put some back on.   Then I took all of them off.   Then I put a few back on.  Then I ate a whole package of Graham Crackers (with milk) before addind a few more.  Then I added even more.  Then more.  Then I realized that I was getting a little obsessed.  I needed to stop adding horns!   In fact, I wanted to tear every single lousy horn off for a second time.    But the few rational brain cells I have left told me to sleep on it.   Funny how it is…at 1:30 in the morning I hated how the horns looked.  Then at 9:30 that same morning, after getting 8 hours of sleep, the horns looked pretty damn good.    So I stopped.  Here are just a few photos showing how it all went, sort of.

First the long-ish horns.   Then a few shorter ones along the jowls.

paper mache drogon- more big horns paper mache drogon- add smaller horns

I decided to run two rows of smaller horns down the nose.  Of course he needed a nose to run the horns to.   So I fashioned some nostrils out of rolled paper and masking tape.    Then I cut holes so he could breathe.

paper mache drogon- add really small horns paper mache drogon- cut nose hole

Here are two angles of Drogon with all of his new, glorious horns.     Make sure you look at these photos when you are well rested!

paper mache drogon- with horns added

paper mache drogon front view

See you all again soon for some cloth mache.  Thank you for stopping by!



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28 Responses to Paper Mache Drogon: Young Adult Version- horns and nose

  1. Lori says:

    Good thing you slept on it…it looks great!

    • Hi Lori. It’s funny how you can get stuck in an equivocation nightmare. I’ve decided that it’s okay to do “grunt” work late at night like adding scales etc. But not creative work. That’s best left till I’m rested. Glad you like him so far.

  2. akismet-bb5aae9d159f750823d6872dc472ff76 says:

    Wow! That is fierce. I’m glad you wanted me before I got to the last photo! I love the horns. I didn’t see where you tell how you made them. It looks like the same Fimo as the teeth. Is it?

    I haven’t been in touch much since I haven’t been able to do any sculpture in over a year. The good news though is that I bought a house a year ago and will soon have a 1000 sq ft art studio . I ‘m still working on it. I’m send some pics whenI get going again.


    • Hello Randolph. I did show the horns being made on an earlier post. You can see it if you scroll down a bit. It sounds like you will have a nice studio in your house. It’s great to have room to spread out. I have the largest room in the house for my art, as is should be! Good luck on your new ventures.

  3. Sue Pearson says:

    Yep, looks damn good!, Yeaaa, we are getting close to the final reveal!

  4. Carol says:

    Great story, Dan! Drogon looks absolutely fabulous, even without paint. I think you’ve achieved the perfect number of horns… Glorious is a good description.

    • Hi Carol. I do like horns. I wanted a nice horizontal line for all of these, like a strong wind blowing into the face. I think I came close. Hope you are making lots of art.

  5. Stella says:

    Oooh, this is brilliant! The horns look amazing and that tongue is just perfect.

    • Thanks Stella! Glad you like them. I”m working inside the mouth tonight. I’ve never done this, but I’m adding a couple spots where liquid would theoretically squirt out and ignite. Kind of taking a page from your book with the anatomy. I hope it works. Looking forward to seeing the reveal of your snake. I know you are taking a break for Halloween. See you

  6. Bridget cheverton says:

    Wow, wow, wow, how brilliant. I cant wait to start my version , in australia we have bunyips a sort of mythical dragon .love, love, love, your work.

  7. juan beltran says:

    Me encanta este dragon dan buen trabajo maestro

  8. Wired for Wisdom says:

    I love the process recordings Dan! Your Drogon is coming along spendidly, you’re a true Magician!

    • Thank you Wired. I swear I’ll get another post about Drogon soon.

      • AdamSomethingMan says:

        W-O-W! I stumbled upon your web while searching up paper mache technics, and boy does this look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You have inspired me to want to create my own little something, will buy your books soon! Also, when is the next Drogon post? Really anxious to see the final product! Good luck!

      • Hello Adam. Thanks for the nice comment. I keep saying that I’ll have another Drogon post “soon”. But life keeps getting in the ways. But I finally got back to work on him last night. So I’ll have another post…soon.
        Good luck!

  9. Hola Dan me gusta mucho tu trabajo es impresionante y muy inspirador cuando vi un video tuyo me inspiro tanto que de inmediato trate de hacer algo similar luego te mando unas fotos 🙂 tambien queria saber si podrias decirme donde puedo conseguir ese material para hacer los ojos esas tipo esferas pues para mi fue muy complicado encontrar algo 😦

    Saludos y gracias por compartir tus trabajos!

    • Hola Erik. Gracias por las amables palabras. Te lo agradezco mucho. Yo uso los ojos de taxidermia. Los compro en línea. Usted puede encontrar todas las empresas que uso por google “ojos de cristal de taxidermia”. Buena suerte en tu proyecto!

  10. bryan says:

    Iam a mural artist from lincoln england I stumbled upon your site and your work ive allways wanted to create a unique sculpture but did not know wich kind of sculpture to do after seeing your work it inspired me to have ago at mache art I to love dragons they they bewilder me as they can be however you want them to be so u never run out of ideas for them I will show you my finished work as I would respectfully apreacheate your opinion and views yours sincerely bryan sharp

  11. Miriam says:

    Dan, with fimo color you use for the horns and thoos !

  12. Grace says:

    woah! I have to admit, for the past few days I’ve been stalking this blog and your website etc.. your work is AMAZING and soooo inspiring, I love seeing your different posts thorugh out the development process… just so good! well done 🙂 much love from England!

  13. Ben says:

    Hey Dan, I’m going through your stuff and trying to figure out how you attach these horns? anything special done. It appeared you tape the teeth in place right?

    • Hello Ben. For big horns I cut a hole in the paper mache shell and push the horn in. Then add tape until I get the cloth mache skin on. I hot glue teeth, and/or use tape. It depends upon my mood. Again, it is there just until I add the cloth. That is what makes everything stay in place permanently.

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