Paper Mache Drogon: Young Adult Version- Painting

Hello everyone.   It is so nice to have a blog post about paper mache rather than about my technology woes.  I have been doing art in the midst of all the goofy stuff I wrote about earlier.   I finished my Drogon trophy.    I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.    I started by just painting with black paint.

 Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- paint

While the paint was still wet I added white (below) to the spitwads (gluewads).

Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- paint white on black

Then I painted the spines, and the webbing between them with red paint.  In the “Fire and Ice” books Drogon is described as being basically a black and red dragon.    And those are the colors of my earlier Drogon renditions.

Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- paint neck web

I had to repaint much of the mouth because I did a lot of work inside (described in earlier posts).

Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- paint mouth

The breastplates started as as a basic gray.   I did some washes to them,  first red, then blue, then black.

Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- breast plates

After painting I scraped the paint off of the horns.  This is a tedious process, but it’s still easier to paint over the horns and scrape later than it is to try to paint carefully around each horn.

paper mache Drogon Tropy- scrape horns

After scraping I did my usual blackwash.  But I also added a red wash as well.

Here he is!

Paper Mache Drogon Trophy final

Thank you all for your patience with this.  I will have more photos later.   And I intend to make a time-lapse video of this built.  I’ll have that soon.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was also working on a “secret” paper mache project.   I did complete that project as well.  I will make a post about that very soon, I promise.

Make art people!   I should say…Make art, people!


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87 Responses to Paper Mache Drogon: Young Adult Version- Painting

  1. D. L. Cook says:

    Looks beautiful, Dan! I learn something new every
    time you post.

  2. Sarah says:

    Fantastic, Dan. Always inspiring to look at your work and know how it was accomplished. Thanks.

  3. Carol says:

    Fabulous paint wash, Dan, absolutely luminous colours. He is quite beautiful in a Drogon kind of way. Look forward to the video.

  4. Marion Uithol says:

    fabulous beast!

  5. Donna Kohler says:

    Dan, you top yourself every time. Amazing! Thanks for all the inspiration to make art.

  6. Sue Pearson "Suz" says:

    I’d say Spitwad success, I really like the look and that would be soo much easier and really more natural, So I really like this guy, he is totally awesome, but geeze, all your art is!!! So did you like doing the spitwads better than all that folding??

    • Hey Suz. I do like this for skin. I don’t know that it’s any easier, but I do like the effect. I still like scales too. Glad you like the way this turned out. Hope all is well with you.

  7. winky23 says:

    Wow–just wow, Dan. The spitwad scales look really organic! I think I might try that technique on my next dragon. Thank you as always for sharing your amazing artwork and process.

  8. Michelle Ledford says:

    Once more its just amazing!!!

  9. Anne says:

    Hello Dan, I have religiously checked my emails waiting for the day Drogon was completed. Oh my goodness what a beast !!
    My sister and I are currently having a go at making a full size dragon each, working from your book, and together every step of the way. Brilliant way of spending quality time and having fun and creating.
    All for the love of these beasts and your help and inspiration, your a star for sharing thank you and so look forward to your next project 😀 xx

    • I’m very flattered Anne. Glad you are having fun! You know what they say about “the family that makes dragons together…”. I’d love to see photos when you are finished! Have fun!

  10. carlos says:

    AWESOME !! There tutorial video creation process?

  11. Cris says:

    Hi Dan, I came across your work via YouTube . I find your technique really inspiring and your “beasts” are very unique, the “dragon slayer trophies” are a cool idea ;-). I find dragons fascinating myself (so far I sculpted them from soapstone and modelling clay) and am always interested in learning new methods of making art, I will try out papier mache as soon as possible. How sensitive to touch is a papier mache piece when finished, do you coat it with something to harden it in the end?

  12. Terzi Begum says:

    It’s beautiful! You have an amazing talent, congratulations 🙂

  13. solitaire777 says:

    Absolutely brilliant!!! He is so lifelike that it’s simply stunning! Well done!

  14. Chris says:

    Looks great! I also like the spitwad scales quite a bit. You have inspired me to start working on my own creation(started a month ago!) and I am struggling with folding the cloth to make scales. I have a test piece I’ve been adding them too and have not liked how they turn out. I probably just need to put them on my project and let it work itself out! When you did the multicolored paint washes on the breastplates and scales, did you let the coats dry in between at all? I also just want to say after using the internet just about everyday for the last 15 years, this is the one and only blog that I have subscribed too. Great work and I look forward to seeing your next project.

    • Hey Chris. Glad you are finding something useful here! Yes, I let the paint dry between washes. About scales..sometimes if the cloth is too new or stiff, the scales will tend to unravel as you are trying to put them on. I hate that. Best if you have older sheets, the older the better. I get mine at thrift stores for under $5. Would love to see your project when you are done, maybe post a photo on my site if you want. Have fun!



  16. Tim says:

    Wow…just amazing work here Dan, really and truly spectacular!

  17. boocifer2000 says:

    You said scraping paint off the horns was tedious and it is! But have you ever tried masking liquid? I tested it on Polymer clay and it came off just fine. Just brush it on right before you get paint near the teeth/horns and peel it off when done. You may end up scraping some paint off in the end but it should be much less. Just a thought. Going to try it for my next project and see if it helps. =) Great dragon and fun update. Thanks for taking the time to share.

    • Thank you for the tip! I’ll give it a try. I should mention that I get a lot of glue on the horns even before I paint. I’ve found that it’s easier to get off if you have a lot of paint, rather than trying to keep them clean. The paint then softens the glue. And I also add some water with a brush before I scrape. Usually the paint (and the glue underneath) comes off easily when I do that. Still, I will try what you said. Take care

  18. Leisa says:

    That is so cool and a beautiful piece of art.I enjoy seeing all of your artwork..Leisa

  19. Nacho says:

    Really really cool! Love everything about it and it’s amazing that you can bring such brightness and color to a black dragon!!

  20. Jonattan de Almeida says:

    Olá que trabalho bonito e empolgante parabens.. Queria saber qual o material que voce uza de acabamento antes da pintura das obras obrigadoo desde já. abraços parabens mesmo.

  21. Ronda says:

    Whoa that is awesome!

  22. carlos says:

    Una cosa Dan, cuando pones la tela con cola, (AL FINAL DEL TODO) es cola diluida con agua o solo cola espesa!

  23. carlos says:

    ok, yo la uso asi tambien ,pero veo que la tela queda muy acartonada y muy dura y hay sitios donde se despega cuando seca. eso es normal?

  24. carlos says:

    una cosa Dan,cuando pones al final la tela con el pegamento le das pegamento a ambos lados de la tela? o solo a una parte! ( osea, solo a la cara que pega)

  25. kimsgirl1999 says:

    Hi, I am new to this site ! My son saw your Dragon video Facebook and now wants me to make it.. So I bought both your books. The Dragon he wants is on page 36 in “Paper Mache Dragons”. Anyway my question is from your other book “Paper-Mache Monsters”, on page 16, you say your Dino is over 5 feet tall. Did you use any extra special supports for this or just the usual newspaper wads, with clothes hangers and stuff ? I am just asking cause if the Dragon head comes out good, I am thinking about doing some life size Halloween monsters and such. We just love Halloween, Dragons, Wizards, Gargoyles etc. I love your work ! I have paper Mache is the past but nothing with such detail. I also like that you do not use all those other Paper Mache products on the market. I love being creative, but don’t like spending a lot of money doing it.
    Thank you

  26. Grumpmeister Fink says:

    You continue to astound me with your work it is amazing how good you are at this art form.

  27. carlos says:

    Hola Dan ,,recibiste las fotos que te mande por correo hoy?

  28. carlos says:

    te la vuelvo a mandar!!

  29. carlos says:

    bueno asi quedo el hipopotamo (nada que ver con el tuyo,ja,ja…..), no es una obra de arte, pero para ser mi primer trabajo estoy contento….



    no sean malos !!! je,je…

  30. Mis videos nunca muestran cada pequeño paso. Los edito ser corto para que las personas los miran. Hay muchos lugares en los que he ido añadiendo cambios de papel o hechos que no aparecen en el vídeo. Tienen el propósito de ser para el entretenimiento, no para la instrucción. Mis libros y mi blog son más para la instrucción.

    • carlos says:

      pufff, soy incapaz de encontrar ojos de ese tamañol lo maximo que he visto son de “22mm” no se de donde los sacara usted…

  31. carlos says:

    gracias Dan!! una pregunta ,en este dragon en concreto los ojos que usastes de cuantos “mm” son? 22? 20? 18? 24? mas o menos…

  32. Isabelle says:

    Hello Dan!
    You never cease to amaze us with your work. Drogon is looking marvelous and I’m very happy because he’s also my favorite dragon. He looks very fierce, which is totally adequate. =)
    Thank you for sharing your art with us. I have great fun reading your posts and watching your videos. I still have to take a shot at papel machet, but somehow I’m always with no time due to art projects with other techiniques.
    Take care!

    • Thanks Isabelle! Glad you like this one. Yes, I always think I’ll do other mediums too. But I don’t have enough time to do the projects in this medium that I want. So I understand. Good luck with your art!

  33. Ty says:

    Where do you buy your Wood Plaques from? Iv looked all over for some but i cant find any large ones.

  34. juan beltran says:

    hola dan como estas un saludo de tu amigo juan beltran de españa he estado haciendo escurtura de papel mache cuando la termine te la enseño amigo es un jaws tiburon blanco pero el acabado no es con tela con otro material carton fallero y despues con aguaplas y pintarlo el acabado es mucho mejor que con tela un saludo dan

    • Hola Juan. Agradable saber de usted. Estoy feliz de saber que usted está haciendo un tiburón! Estoy deseando verlo! Cualesquiera que sean los materiales que trabajan son los correctos. Buena suerte!

  35. Juan says:

    Gracias dan un saludo amigo

  36. Grumpmeister Fink says:

    Hi Dan, I’m really sorry to burden you with another question but, I was wondering how you added the paint to the breastplates on this trophy, did you pre mix the grey or did you add black and add white after to turn it grey?

    • No problem at all! I didn’t pre-mix. I always start with a little of the dark color (whatever that may be, in this case black) and then add the lighter color (white). I always paint the entire project first time through. Keeping the brush really wet I just blast everything. As a general rule, I paint my breastplates the same color as the dragon but with white added. Good luck!

  37. Dan – I bought your book ‘Paper Mache Dragons’ which arrived here in Australia this week from the US. Soooo excited to be planning my own first dragon. As I live in a small unit, I will be scaling it down in size. Wish me luck!! Have only just started with the art of Paper Mache – so far, I have made 2 mermaids (I’m a 50 year old female) .. the shapes were good.. but the faces .. hrrrmm.. /cough cough .. lets just say, I fail at faces 😉 . Hoping I can manage the dragon though 🙂

  38. danang says:

    I’ve been watching your video on youtube for many many times..and now i’m trying to use your technique on my works..thank Dan for the tutorial, your works are amazing.

  39. Where are the first steps? I would really like to see the creation process from beginning to end!

  40. Chua Kian Wee says:

    Very very nice work.
    Since all the comments here are positive, I’ll just like to point out some possible improvement.
    Generally for a fiercer pose, the lower eye lid shift up and the flare at muscles surrounding the maxilla flares up more prominently. The neck where it meets the lower mandible will also flare and fold more with scales being closer there and more crease there.
    The fold around the edge of the mouth can be painted a lighter shade to create a mild translucency effect where it is stretched. These are generally what observation of animals usually show. Also length of teeth other than angle can defer slightly to create a more fiercesome mix.
    Awesome work still. Just some thoughts that crosses my mind when I look at the sculpt.
    May be techinically very difficult to achieve but just some points for consideration.

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