Paper Mache Drogon (Young Adult Version) Video

Hi all.  It always takes me more time than I expect to get these videos finished.  Of course, life has a way of getting in the way.     You all know what to expect of these videos.  So ignore this post if you don’t want to see another paper mache dragon being made!   But if you do, just click on the photo.   And remember to watch in HD.

Paper Mache Drogon

The next video will be here soon, mid-April to be exact.  That will be when the Dragon Master Foundation will launch the raffle to win the dragon I made for them (along with a spectacular co-prize…you just have to wait!  But trust me.).    Information coming soon about how to win and support the great cause of fighting cancer.

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Dragon Master Foundation Dragon

Hi everyone.   I thought I’d take a moment to post some exciting news.  Well, it’s exciting to me anyway.  I mentioned a while back that I was working on a “secret” project.  I’ve been waiting to make a post about it until things became a little more clear.  I made a dragon for the The Dragon Master Foundation that they will give away in a raffle coming soon.   This is a great organization.  Their goal is to make the “Big Data” of cancer research accessible and available to all who are working to eradicate the beast that is cancer.  They are in partnership with many of the major children’s hospitals around the country.    The money made on the raffle will help their cause.   I am waiting to post photos and a video of this dragon until the official launch of the raffle.   You will all be the first to know.  It should happen in April.   Meanwhile, check the group out. 

Dragon Master Foundation logo

I’m also working on the time-lapse video of Drogon.  I’ll have that soon.  Make art!

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Paper Mache Dragon: Young Adult Version- Painting

Hello everyone.   It is so nice to have a blog post about paper mache rather than about my technology woes.  I have been doing art in the midst of all the goofy stuff I wrote about earlier.   I finished my Drogon trophy.    I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.    I started by just painting with black paint.

 Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- paint

While the paint was still wet I added white (below) to the spitwads (gluewads).

Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- paint white on black

Then I painted the spines, and the webbing between them with red paint.  In the “Fire and Ice” books Drogon is described as being basically a black and red dragon.    And those are the colors of my earlier Drogon renditions.

Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- paint neck web

I had to repaint much of the mouth because I did a lot of work inside (described in earlier posts).

Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- paint mouth

The breastplates started as as a basic gray.   I did some washes to them,  first red, then blue, then black.

Paper Mache Drogon Tropy- breast plates

After painting I scraped the paint off of the horns.  This is a tedious process, but it’s still easier to paint over the horns and scrape later than it is to try to paint carefully around each horn.

paper mache Drogon Tropy- scrape horns

After scraping I did my usual blackwash.  But I also added a red wash as well.

Here he is!

Paper Mache Drogon Trophy final

Thank you all for your patience with this.  I will have more photos later.   And I intend to make a time-lapse video of this built.  I’ll have that soon.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was also working on a “secret” paper mache project.   I did complete that project as well.  I will make a post about that very soon, I promise.

Make art people!   I should say…Make art, people!


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Okay, so that was one of the worst 12 hours of my life!   But with the help of Ben Peter I regained ownership of my page.   Thank you so much Ben!!!  It turns out that he is a German photographer. He does great work.   Check out his page and “like” him if you are so inclined.   (   Thank you to all of you who wrote.  All of a sudden I have almost 200 messages and comments to respond to.   I will get to everyone.  But let me first thank you en masse for you support, once again.  You are all the best!     I can breathe again.


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Technology….I can’t win

I’m sorry to bother you all with this.  But once again the technology gods are out to get me.   I opened my email tonight and noticed about a hundred emails telling me that my Gourmet Paper Mache Facebook page had been hacked.  Sure enough, when I opened it up I saw that it (it….not me) was sending out pornographic messages to my 210,000 followers.  Great.   I swear, I have followed every avenue Facebook offers to remedy this with no success.  I have control over my Dan Reeder account.  But I am no longer administrator of my artist page.   So I can’t delete the hideous posts.  I can’t even write a comment on the page to warn people or to explain what happened.   And there is no human you can contact at Facenbook with this problem.  I went online and found that hundreds of people have had the same thing happen to them.   It’s just unbelievable.   I’m sorry to bore you with this.

Btw, I’ve done the basic painting on my Drogon trophy and the spitwad experiment looks good.  I’ll post a photo or two tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience.

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Paper Mache Drogon: Young Adult Version- scale-ish skin.

Hi all.  Thank you so much for your patience.    Over the last two months it seemed as though  the cosmos conspired against my doing art.  I finally got enough of my revised website together to relax a little and get back to my art.   I decided to play around with some different textures for the scales.  So I made some fancy spitwads out of toilet paper, commercial paper mache, and white glue.  I rolled them into various sized balls.  Then I started squishing them onto Drogon.  First under the eyes…

paper mache spitballs  paper mache Drogon-spitballs under eye

…then on the rest of the face.    After that I used bigger spitwads on the neck.

Paper mache Drogon- face 1  paper mache Dragon - neck texture
I’ve never done this before so I just stuck them on in a rather random pattern.  I wanted the sizes of the spitwads to vary.  It’s a little hard to see in this photo how they all fit together.   I think it will look great once it’s painted and blackwashed to accentuate the individual spitwads.

Paper mache Drogon -neckpaper mache Dragon- with scalesSo here’s how he looks so far.   I need to do the other side and let it all dry.   Next time, paint!    Thanks for stopping by!

PS.  I do have a little secret project going as well.  I can’t tell you about it right now.   But you will be the first to know.


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Crisis averted

Hi again.  Just thought I’d add an update.  Well, “scrambling” doesn’t describe it.  I’ve been working like a dog for hours putting together the skeleton of my new, main website,   It is still under construction.  It will be a while before it has everything in it that the old one did.   I should mention, as I did on my new site, that back in the day when I first decided to have an online presence (2008) you could either set up a website (static) or a blog (dynamic).   I wanted both so I made a website and a blog.  Of course now you can put both together.   But I’ve decided to keep both, this blog, and my main site.  I have many subscribers here that I don’t want to lose by using the blog on my revised website.   So stay here for current art developments  (if I can ever get back to doing art that is).   Again, thank you for all of your concern and support.    I don’t mind if you write to tell me that something isn’t working on my revised website.   Just remember that I’ve only worked on it for six hours.  I’m sure I will have many things to fix.

Take care.  Make art!


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Paper Mache under attack! Scrambling again.

Hi everyone.    Okay, so that subject line is a bit over the top.  This is just a short rant to all of my paper mache  friends.   Some of you may remember that I had to quickly re-create my blog a couple months ago.  My former blog host sent me a note one day telling me that they were “discontinuing” their blog product.    So I scrambled here to WordPress.  I like it much better, so that was fine.    Well, this morning I awoke to see emails telling me that my my main website, is down.   I checked, and sure enough, it has been suspended.  I’ve been getting notices from my web host lately saying that I am using too much bandwidth.   Apparently too many people have been visiting my site.   I didn’t even know I had bandwidth limits until last month.  To tell you the truth, I’m not exactly sure what bandwidth is.  I called the company and tried to buy more, but was told that they didn’t know how I could do that.  Ugh.  Technology.  Love/Hate.    Anyway, I’m scrambling to put together a new site, again on WordPress.   I’ll have a skeleton siteup today.   I’m telling you this because so many of you are sending me emails telling me that my site is down.   Thank you.  I really love you all for being concerned.  I have such good friends.     It just seems that life has a way of getting in the way of art sometimes.   Does that ever happen to you?

I promise I’ll get an actual art post up here very soon.   I’ve made more progress on Drogon, and another project I’ll tell you about soon.   You have always been a very patient lot.

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Paper Mache Drogon: Young Adult Version- first cloth mache

Hi everyone.    I am very happy to announce that this little flurry of, whatever it was, is pretty much over.   With supreme effort I have been able to answer every email, every Facebook message, and every Youtube comment.   I know I didn’t have to respond to all of those inquiries, particularly the ones that started, “Hey dude….”     But I’ve always prided myself in my willingness to answer questions about this medium.  So I did.   And here I am patting myself on the back.    Thank you all for being so patient with me.  Finally, finally, I’m back to doing some art.  Drogon has been waiting patiently.   I have other projects to tell you about, but I need to finish him first.

When you saw him last, he’d just received his horns.   Time for some breastplates.   I folded strips of cloth lengthwise to give them some thickness.   I started at the bottom and layered the plates as I worked up the neck.   I added a little crease down the middle by just pinching the cloth.

paper mache Drogon- breastplates 1 paper mache Drogon- breastplates 2

I worked my way all the way up the neck and under the chin.   Next, I decided to augment the cheeks a little.   I did this in order to add something a  little special with this trophy.

paper mache Drogon- breastplates 3 paper mache Drogon- augment cheek

Check this out.  I folded the cloth on either side of the tongue.  Then I poked holes in the cloth to simulate the place where the flammable liquid squirts from his fire-making glands.  I’ve always envisioned dragons using a flame-thrower kind of mechanism.  That is, they would squirt some kind of flammable liquid out of glands inside the neck area.   This liquid would ignite as it came in contact with the air.  I’m pretty sure that this is how it worked with fire-breathing dragons.   Next, I added lips.  Once again, I folded a long strip of cloth and wrapped it around the upper half of the mouth.

paper mache Drogon- flame hole paper mache Drogon- lips 1

I added little wrinkles as I went.   After that I added the cloth mache around the eyes.   I folded a square piece of cloth and put it under the eyes.

paper mache Drogon- lips 2 paper mache Drogon- cloth mache eyes 1

I did the same on the top.   I used my glue crusted knife to push the cloth into place.   The nose came next.   If you have an eye for detail you might notice that I added a bit more flesh to the nostrils.  I wanted more of a flair.  I just used crumpled paper and tape for that.

paper mache Drogon- cloth mache eyes 2 paper mache Drogon- enhanced nose

Then, using a glue encrusted pencil, I poked a large square piece of cloth into the nostril.  I always like doing this.  Poking a piece of cloth into a nostril or ear canal always causes wrinkles to form that look pretty close to the wrinkles you’d expect in a nose or an ear.

paper mache Drogon- cloth mache nose1 paper mache Drogon- cloth mache nose2

I’ll leave you here.   I will be back again soon.  I promise!  I know….you’ve heard that before.  But it’s different this time.  Truly!

Thank you again for all of your support and patience during these last few weeks!





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People and paper mache

Hi all.  It’s time to make a post, even if there is no art in it.   I feel the need to share with my friends what is happening in case you are one of those people waiting in line for a response to an email or message.  This wave of interest in my work, and paper mache generally, has not waned at all.   In fact, I feel hopelessly buried.   I am now convinced of the power of social media!    I understand why it can bring down a government!  It’s brought me down (a thriving enterprise of one!).   I’m convinced that it’s because of a few of you that this all happened.  It’s because you shared a video or two of mine that at least one of them has gone viral on Facebook.    So thanks; it’s because of you I don’t have enough time to shower!  :-)    There doesn’t seem to be place where it started, like some theoretical point in the universe where the big bang started.   By looking at the “activity” log on Facebook, it seems to be just people sharing with friends, sharing with family, sharing with the nutjob who lives in the basement apartment that everyone is afraid of.   Yes, he sent me some angry emails.    The first started, “Hey dude, how do I get one of those?”  The second and third (which I read first because of how they show up) went something like, “I’ve waited days for you to get back to me!  You obviously don’t want my business!”   To which I kindly responded, “True.”     I hope he doesn’t know where I live….but I do have that dragon in the tree…  I’m off topic.  The point is that this “thing” spread geometrically.   According to Facebook,  more than 23 million people saw my posts last week, and 29 million so far this week.   I’m not sure which post they are talking about.  But the numbers are staggering.   And I swear half of them have written to me.   I spent a few days frantically working as hard as I could to respond to the messages on Facebook, but the number of messages kept growing faster then I could respond.  Hopeless.   It’s been a little better on my website email.    I might be able to almost catch up today with those.    And luckily, I can still respond to comments made here regularly.  There are only 8 right now.  Phew!   So this is the place to contact me if you need me in the near future.  I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post more work on Drogon, or anything else.   I know this will die down.  It always does.  It better.  Then I’ll get unburied and get back to art.  Either that or I’m gonna have to hire a company in India to handle my emails (and a couple of elves)(or maybe a few of those guys who stand outside of Home Depot.  I could train them to make dragons, then sell them as my own….kind of like Dale Chihuly).

The only important part of this post is the part about getting a hold of me here.  Thank you all for your patience, and your friendship!

A sad PS.  My adorable little cat Riley, my friend for 19 years passed away two days ago.  You may have seen her in my cat enclosure video.   I’m so happy that she was able to spend the summer outside, in the fresh air.  Eddie hasn’t noticed, but Max looks for her.  He always thought Riley was his mother.

happy Riley small


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